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Do you remember when you and all your friends had “Juicy” plastered across your ASSets because that was THE hottest style out there? No? Yeah I try not to think about those times either. However, word on the web is that Juicy Couture track suits are coming back.

The bling bling brand has risen from the grave with a helping hand from Bloomingdales to give life to the infamous velour tracksuit. *Face palm* But, what’s really messed up is that even though the trend fell flat on its face all those years ago, the prices are still as cocky as ever with pants costing $88 and jackets costing $108. Excuse me, how about I pay that money to ensure my tracksuit past doesn’t come back to haunt me?

In case you’re not on the same page as me, I’ve put together a little reminder as to what life used to be like when Juicy was at the top of our wishlists. 

Kim Kardashian


You may not like her, but you have to admit she’s come a LONG way. She is a style ambassador now who created an empire around her fashion. If she ditched the tracksuit and orange spray tans, it’s safe to say you should too.

Paris Hilton


She’s not around anymore for a reason.

Jennifer Lopez


Ever wonder why she’s not calling herself “Jenny From The Block” anymore? Cause Jenny made poor fashion decisions. (I hope no one thinks those fur-lined, puffed jackets are going to make a comeback too because I WILL move to a deserted island.)

Britney Spears


Do you see the face she’s making? I’m making the same face right now.

Lindsay Lohan


I’m sorry, I can’t tell what season this is. 

Nicole Richie


Here are some wise words from my friend Thumper, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”



Oh yes, that IS miss queen bee. Who knows, if the tracksuit never left, she might not be the almighty and powerful goddess she is today. What would we do then?!

I think that’s enough scary shit for today. I rest my case.


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South Carolina

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