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The Top 10 TV Boyfriends You Wish You Had

A TV boyfriend is an ideal guy no real one can live up to. They always know what to say, they show up in the rain just ready to kiss you, and the best part, you can mute them.

1. Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill

Nathan Scott and Hayley James are every high school couple’s #goals. Nathan starts out as the stereotypical jock type, but as he opens up to Hayley, fans see his sweet side and begin to love him. He’s a great friend, husband and dad. And, let’s not forget how he wholeheartedly supported Hayley and her dreams, leading them to live happily ever after with their perfect family.

2. Nick Miller from New Girl

Nick is the type of guy you hate to love. He’s lazy, sarcastic and works in a bar. But, despite all of that, he’s sweet and undoubtedly means well. Nick’s lovable demeanor makes any girl want to date him and his quirky personality is just a bonus. He and Jess show that the best kinds of people bring out the weirdo inside of you.

3. Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights

Tim Riggins is a no-good cowboy. He drinks beer, has no prospects in the job department and had an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend. However, throughout the show, Tim shows his vulnerable side and fans see that his problems stem from a rocky family life. After you break through the rocky exterior, the right girl will find the soft teddy bear on the inside. What girl wouldn’t want a rough cowboy batting his lady-killing eyes at them? Texas forever, ladies.

4. Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec

Andy can be compared to a puppy dog. Loyal, warm-hearted and fun loving. Although Andy isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, his spirit and imagination make up for it. They say opposites attract, and it’s true in Andy and his wife April’s case. Despite their differences, Andy is the perfect husband and those puppy dog eyes will make anyone swoon. Who doesn’t love Chris Pratt?

5. George Tucker from Hart of Dixie

George Tucker is the small town lawyer with a big heart. He is the king of romantic gestures as he pines for Zoe Hart and always makes himself available to the townspeople of Bluebell. George is referred to as the town “Golden Boy” and lives up to the nickname throughout the series. He has a stable job, good intentions and a southern accent you can get lost in.

6. Pacey Whitter from Dawson’s Creek

Pacey Whitter is the town screw up. His good intentions somehow always get him into trouble and you can’t help but love his kind heart. Pacey is the type of guy your mom doesn’t want you dating…but that just makes him much more fun to be with. He’s sweet and caring, and if you’re lucky, he’ll take you with him on his boat for a long, hot summer!

7. Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

Even though Stefan is close to 200-years old, he’s just as hot as any 18-year old high school heartthrob. Despite the obvious obstacles he and Elena had to overcome in their relationship, he still tried his hardest to sweep her off her feet. He’s a protector and a fighter, in love and life. Even though Elena ends up with his older and arguably hotter older brother Damon, Stefan will always be the best vampire boyfriend we know.

8. Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy

Jackson is the prime example of a DILF. Not only is he a hot dad, but he’s also a hot doctor that saves people’s lives for a living. And if that isn’t enough for you, Jackson is down to earth even though his family is super rich. Although we all loved Japril, if he has to move on, why can’t it be with one of us?

9. Jim Halpert from The Office

Jim is the typical boy next door. Always there for you, the best confidant and you’re so comfortable together you’ll find it hard to see him in a romantic light. Yet those are the best ways to start relationships. It starts with a goofy grin and ends with a gas station proposal in the rain. This is the stuff of fairy tales people.

10. Dean Forester from Gilmore Girls

Dean Forester is the perfect first boyfriend. He gives Rory her first kiss, builds her a car for her birthday, and even tells her he loves her. Dean grows jealous of her budding relationship with Jess, the bad boy around town, but we can’t blame him for it. And although he and Rory don’t end up together, Dean will always hold a special place in our hearts as her first love.

If only men were as gentle and caring in real life as they are on TV. 


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