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It’s that time again…Valentine’s Day.

An easy reminder that you may not have someone special to spend it with romantically, but you must not forget that you’re still you,

And single!

While it is easy to get down about lost love/lack of a love life, but here are some ideas to get the most out of your single life:

Prioritize Yourself– Go get a massage, spend some time painting, go on a long walk, or even read a bucket-list book. It’s so easy to get bogged down by others and having to make plans around people, so celebrate your independence, your ability to say no, and your ability to have long, extended breaks.

Date a friend (just a friend)- Have a friend spend a day with you doing all of your collective favorite things, prioritizing friendship, and making the most out of quality time. Have fun movie nights, grab brunch, or even gift-give. Channeling energy into friendships makes them more valuable and gives you a foundation of what is expected if you happen to find yourself in a relationship.

Better Yourself 110%– While this is easier said then done, taking the time to fix your diet (even making new foods you wouldn’t think to try), going to the gym/walking/yoga, and fixing your mental health can create a better bond with yourself. Invest time into creating the best version of yourself!

Go on Dates, if you want!– There is never in shame in going on dates with a few people without seeking romance to get a feel for what you like in a date. Try different locations, get to know different people, and see what attributes you like in certain people. It may help when you eventually want to date again!

“Being brave enough to be alone frees you up to invite people into your life because you want them and not because you need them.”

-Mandy Hale

Remember!– You are the center of your universe, and you do not need anyone for the sake of simply having someone love you. You are so so worthy of love in every form, but the best kind of love is self-love.

But loving yourself comes in stages, so here is how we can hope to achieve it:

  • Be Yourself: Do not feel the need to change for anyone, you are in your prime; therefore, if you are staying true to yourself then you are able to grow and appreciate the person you are becoming!
  • Allow Yourself to Fail: We will never be entirely perfect, so it is inevitable to fail. Keep trying, be patient, and love yourself through the hard times. Forgive yourself!
  • Take Time to Slow Things Down: This day and age, it is easy to get wrapped up in all the day-to-day nonsense of social media, college, and social atmospheres. Distance yourself from things that bring you down and allow friendships to fallout if they need to. You are your own person, live for yourself!

In order to live your best single life, you need to learn how to life for yourself, love for yourself, and be able to be by yourself–single life is truly a wonderful moment.

No matter the holiday, love surrounds you…

Even when you are SINGLE!

Anna Henderson

South Carolina '24

Anna Grace is a Junior English major and Education minor at the University of South Carolina. She is extremely passionate about literature and information access and hopes to pursue a career in teaching one day!