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The Ultimate Guide to a Mystic Falls Autumn

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite tv shows to watch in autumn. Following a group of teenage vampires, werewolves, and witches, the show includes relationships, friendships, accents, and drama which combine to form an unique tv experience. But how do you really channel being in Mystic Falls without a vampire boyfriend?

The key is the whimsy goth aesthetic, which in relation to fashion is described as a mix of whimsical and gothic styles that create a balance between light and dark aesthetics. The aesthetic boundaries extend beyond fashion too, such as in an array of activities, films, and music. With the darkest days of the year approaching (daylight savings on Nov. 5), embrace the dark aesthetic of Mystic Falls this November.

Elena Gilbert Outfit

The Elena Gilbert outfit is incredibly simple, yet it clearly stands out as an early 2010s outfit that the characters would wear on the show. Pair some bootcut jeans with a layered t-shirt (leaving a white tank visible, poking out at the bottom), and wear a pair of converse too. You can even straighten your hair and wear a chunky locket necklace to accessorize the look further. 

The Pool Hall

The characters in The Vampire Diaries are often at the town restaurant, The Grill, which has a section devoted to playing pool and shooting darts. So for this, all you need to do is grab some friends and play pool at a local pool hall or a friend’s basement. To really make the vibe stand out, play in dimmed lighting with a glass of scotch in your hand, and wearing your Elena Gilbert inspired outfit, of course.


Diaries are inseparable from both Elena and Stefan in the show. Especially in the first season, there are many scenes in the show of them writing in their journals trying to sort out their crazy lives. All you need is a notebook and a pen to start journaling to start romanticizing your daily life.

Graveyard Picnic

Why does Elena hang out in a graveyard in the pilot episode? Well, her parents’ graves are there but despite this, it also just sets an eerie and mysterious vibe. Enjoying fresh air with fog spreading across the landscape, a crow following you, and vampires lurking behind the trees—a relaxing after school activity. Invite some friends to recreate this with you and bring along a picnic to make the most of it.

Dinner Party

Many intense dinner parties happen throughout this show, but here’s your sign to have a fun one with your friends. You can set up festive decorations, cook yummy food, and make some red punch. You can even have The Vampire Diaries on in the background to set the mood.

Grace Wilson

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