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The Best Breakfast Joint in Five Points

This is what you’ve been waiting for. If you’re horribly indecisive and couldn’t pick a food spot if your life depended on it, I’ve got you covered.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the best meal ever (sorry if you don’t agree, that’s super sad.) I did a lot of research, via my tummy, to narrow down who does breakfast best in Five Points. After much debate, the Cinnamon Roll Deli on Devine takes the cake (or the roll).

The Gourmet Kitchen Shop was a close second and a favorite among the chapter here, but I personally can’t resist CRD. Their Apple Cobbler roll and variety of grits will forever live in my heart.

If you haven’t been or don’t know what’s happening with CRD right now, I’ll give you a quick run down.

  • They are still open for take out only right now (call in or order online!)
  • Their dining room will reopen soon – yay!
  • You can visit them Wednesday thru Sunday 7am-2pm (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve craved them on a Tuesday or at 4pm and cried a little)
  • Parking is a battle where those who hesitate lose

If you’re not sure what to order (I understand, their menu is drool-worthy), here are some recommendations: For a sweet breakfast moment, either the apple cobbler or bourbon caramel roll is the way to go. You’ll want to order a drink with these specialty cinnamon rolls because they’re the size of small children and so sweet they’re near-diabetic; we don’t want upset stomachs here.

Thinking something more savory for breakfast? The Big Kahuna is my favorite breakfast sammy, with eggs, corned beef, swiss cheese, and whole grain honey mustard. If that isn’t your style or you have dietary preferences, they have ones without meat or you can build your own. Picky eaters have been heard.

If you’ve found nothing here that’s tickling your fancy, just wait. Do you like southern? Because their grits are truly beautiful. If you haven’t had them yet or it’s been a while, get up early tomorrow morning and order them. I’m not from the South, so I didn’t grow up with southern cooking and don’t like most of it (hot take here, I know), but grits and sweet tea are the southern foods that won me over.

Not feeling breakfast even though this is a breakfast article? Okay then. It’s a good thing they serve lunch too. I love their paninis, like the grilled cheese and the Afton. They’ve also got sexy sandwiches, hot dogs, soup, turkey moments, and award-winning chili. There’s so many options.

There’s a lot to love about CRD; one of which is that they give their foods fun names. I adore it when businesses are spunky like that. They put their personality and heart into their entire shop. They also serve all their mains with a side cinnamon roll (because duh, who do you think they are).

Did you know that they’ve even been featured on Food Network? Their Cinnamonster is nationally known and their Black Pepper Bacon Maple Glaze roll was spotlighted, too! People magazine and Buzzfeed are also really into CRD, and naturally they’re a local favorite in the Free Times Best of Columbia.

Honestly, if you’ve never been to CRD, what are you doing?! Let’s go! Check out their menu here!

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