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Super Bowl LV (55 for those who don’t know any Roman numerals past 20, like me) is on February 7th. I grew up watching football every weekend and am one of the biggest fans of the sport, both college and pro. My family went all out for the Super Bowl growing up; we made our own t-shirts (Baniewicz Bowl for those who are wondering), organized games and talent shows throughout the breaks, placed bets, and as you can imagine, had a party. To sum it up: Super Bowl Sunday is a pretty big day for me. In fact growing up it was my favorite holiday, yes it is a holiday in my house.

For those who are not diehard fans but still enjoy the day: here is everything you need to know leading up to February 7th. 

Who: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs

What: The NFL Championship

Where: Tampa Bay, FL at the Buccaneers Stadium

When: Sunday February 7th at 6:30 PM

Halftime show performed by: The Weeknd

The Basics of Football:

There are 2 divisions within the NFL: The American Football Conference (AFC) and The National Football Conference (NFC). One team from each division plays for the NFL Championship, aka the Super Bowl. There are 4 quarters each consisting of 15 minutes but it takes about 3.5-4 hours for the entire game because of breaks between plays and tons of commercials. However, Super Bowl commercials are known for being the best, so if you don’t like football, you can look forward to the commercials. A field goal is worth 3 points, a touchdown is worth 6 points, and the extra point (attempted after a touchdown) is worth 1 point. The halftime show has a lot of hype leading up to it, and the expectations are high going into this year.   

Fun Facts about Super Bowl 55:

  • This is the first time that the Super Bowl will be played in the stadium of one of the 2 teams in the Championship. The stadium is chosen before the season even starts to ensure no team has the “home advantage.” However this year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hosting and playing in the Super Bowl. 
  • The NFL is inviting 7500 healthcare workers to the game, free of charge.
  • Tom Brady, age 43, is the oldest quarterback to play in the Super Bowl. 

You might be wondering what my prediction is. While I have no qualifications to predict the outcome of the game besides the fact that I love football, I still think it is fun to guess. Please do not use my prediction as a Superbowl bet unless I’m right and then you should. I am predicting that the Chiefs will win 34-21. 

Emily Baniewicz

South Carolina '22

Hey y'all! I am a junior at the University of South Carolina studying Public Health a with minor in Spanish. I am pre-med and one day hope to be a sports neurologist. In my free time, I love watching football and soccer, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach!
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