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Step Up Your Jewelry Game with These Simple Tips

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

We all know that jewelry can take any look to the next level.  However, sometimes jewelry can be a guessing game— depending on price range, durability, and skin hues.  Well, look no further!  We’ll break down what jewelry compliments you best, and simple jewelry pieces that everyone should have in their collection— no matter your look!

If you have more cool-toned skin, jewelry that is white gold or silver might compliment you more.  If you have more warm-toned skin, jewelry that is more yellow or rose gold might compliment you more.  However, these are just basic guidelines to follow if you’re just starting out— you can rock any jewelry color no matter your tone, so in the end go for whatever you like the best!


Simple, Everyday Pieces

Try these pieces out with casual, everyday wear.

  • For earrings, try small, dainty hoops— you can even create a layered look with multiple piercings.  If you want to add more personalization, try a dangly hoop that has an item you love, such as stars or butterflies.
  • For necklaces, try a dainty, short necklace.  You can even layer these necklaces as well, adding a bit more personality and style!  If going for a layered look, try to play with textures, like in the provided photo.
  • Anklets are one of the most underrated jewelry pieces but can really make a difference! If anklets tend to bother your ankles, try a chain with no dangling items, or pick a chain that is one solid material.


Bolder, Statement Pieces

Try these pieces when you’re going out, dressing up, or just want to be bold and change things up!

  • Want an easy way to make a memorable statement? Try novelty earrings of your favorite shapes, like these super cool snake earrings (and maybe send a message at the same time)!
  • Still want to keep it somewhat simple? Try a matching necklace and bracelet— keep both simple yet eye-catching, and you can easily dress up any outfit!
  • Mixing and matching rings is another super easy way to make a bold statement (and besides, who doesn’t want to channel their inner Phoebe Buffay?).  Have fun and play around with all different shapes, sizes, and colors of rings, and you’ve got yourself a look for the books!

Try out some of these trends or morph them into your own! Jewelry is all about having fun.


Danielle Wallace

South Carolina '23

Hi there! I’m Danielle, a junior Journalism major at the University of South Carolina. I love cats, 2000’s music, and Juicy Couture tracksuits. I love all things pink, and you will never see me without my nails done. Xoxo!
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