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Spring break is over… Now what? As much as we all hate to admit it, the glorious week known as SBXIV has come to an end. Days and nights were spent on the beach drinking and soaking up sunshine, new friendships were developed, prized possessions (and dignities) were lost amongst the sunshine and sand, and lifelong memories were made.

So… Now what? No more breaks, (probably) no more snow days. Just another 52 days until we’re free to drink on beaches and avoid all sorts of responsibilities again.

Here are a few ways to get through the next few weeks:

1.     Pretend like the Horseshoe is the beach. Heck, maybe if you close your eyes the cars will sound like waves?

2.     Put on a low-cut shirt, go downtown, make friends with several fraternity boys, keep those relations strong, and hope that they’ll invite you to beach weekend. In that order.

3.     Make your computer background a picture of the beach. Then, recline back in your chair and take a picture of your feet as you “relax” on the warm sand. Fake it ‘til you make it, sister.

4.     Wear sunglasses to class. This doubles as a reminder of the sun on spring break and as a place to hide behind as you sleep through class. 

5.     When in doubt, procrastinate on your studying by reliving the glorious days of tanning and drinking by looking at every single picture taken on the trip. Because who can really focus on school anyway? 

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