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Finally, the season of fall is upon us!  As we make our way into the time of pumpkin carving, baked goodies, and scary movies, we also move into a new season of fashion.  Say goodbye to your bathing suits and flip-flops and hello to sweaters and boots, because sweater weather is here! We’ll show you all the latest fall fashion trends, and how you can easily incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.


First up on our list is a good, old fashioned blazer. Don’t be afraid to pair a blazer with a crop top and a skirt, or some fun jeans! There are tons of ways to dress a blazer, whether you’re going for a sophisticated or casual look. 

Chunky boots always add personality and uniqueness to any outfit, since there are so many different styles of them. This trend also continues the same vibe of the “chunky sneaker” trend but makes it more fitting for fall! Try styling them with some skinny jeans, or tights and a cute skirt.

A great option for days that aren’t too chilly is a loose, graphic tee layered over a long-sleeved shirt.  This trend is perfect for those days where the weather isn’t hot but isn’t too cold either! Pair this with some cute loose jeans and you’ve got yourself the perfect edgy fall look!

Multi-tone pants are also another great way to take your fall fashion to the next level. They are convenient because they can be the statement of your outfit, so all you need is a simple top and some cute shoes and you’re ready to go! There are also tons of different styles of multi-tone pants, so there’s a pair out there for everyone.

Another layered look is one with a sweater layered on top of a collared shirt. This is a great look when you want to take your outfit up a notch, or just want to snap some cute fall pictures! Try layering these two pieces while wearing a skirt or some cute jeans.


Try any (or all) of these different pieces the next time you shop for your fall wardrobe!


Danielle Wallace

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