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The Scariest Movies to Watch This October

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

If there is anything that can get you in the Halloween spirit, it’s scary movies! Who doesn’t love a good scare to make Halloween that much more dramatic? The more dramatic your Halloween is, the better it will be. While there are thousands of scary movies out there, these are some of the best. We even ranked them for you on a scale of 1-5 (least to most scary), so you can decide just how terrified you want to be.

1. Sinister

Scare Level: 4

This film is about a man who is desperate for a big break after his career as an author begins to plummet. One day he comes across a film that shows the deaths of multiple families, and he becomes determined to figure out what happened. He is so determined that he and his family move into the victim’s house where things start to get creepy. In the house he discovers hints that lead him to believe that all of this is happening because of a supernatural force – he also discovers that living in the house might be a huge mistake.

2. What Lies Beneath

Scare Level: 3

A wife tells her husband that she is hearing strange voices in their home and that she keeps seeing an image of a woman. Her husband assumes that she is delusional but every day she moves closer to the truth. She is beginning to realize that maybe her husband might not be the man she thought he was. All of his past secrets are coming back to haunt them.

3. The Conjuring

Scare Level: 5

Two famous paranormal investigators travel to north London due to suspicious activity in a client’s home. There they find a single mother and her four kids who claim that unusual things keep occurring. Although they all claim that evil is among them, the personal investigators don’t fully believe them until they see that the youngest of the four children is showing signs of possession. As they work to help the family, they realize that they might have made the supernatural force angry and could potentially be its next victim.

4. The Silence of the Lambs

Scare Level: 3

One of the top students at the FBI’s training academy is chosen to interview Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal is an excellent psychiatrist, but he has a few problems of his own. He is in prison for life because he is a violent murderer and he is into cannibalism. The student thinks that Hannibal has valuable information about another case and does her best to dig deep and get him to fess up.

5. The Ring

Scare Level: 5

There is an urban legend going around that if you watch this scary video filled with evil images then you will get a phone call that reveals your death in just one week. A newspaper reporter doesn’t believe the urban legend until four teenagers die at once exactly seven days after watching the video. Being the curious woman that she is, she decides to watch the video herself. Now that she has watched the video, she only has seven days to figure out what’s going on.

6. Before I Go to Sleep

Scare Level: 2

A woman is diagnosed with anterograde amnesia after she was brutally attacked. Since she is unable to form new memories, she meets her husband every day for the first time. Every day she starts fresh. She doesn’t remember anything that happened the day before. She listens to her doctor’s instructions and keeps a video diary of her life and watches it every morning to get caught up on what happened and adds to it at the end of every day. As the days go on, secrets start to come out and the truth is beginning to be revealed. She starts to wonder who can and who can’t be trusted.

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