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It’s spooky season! Which means it’s time to put your last-minute costumes together. There’s no time nor is there ever a valid reason you should ever dye your hair for a Halloween costume. Therefore, you need to find ideas that don’t involve plastic, god-awful wigs that don’t even look like they fit your head. Blonde, brunette, black, or red-haired people, listen up!


1. Blonde

There are so many costume ideas for you blonde-haired goddesses but our personal favorites are the characters that are intelligent and classy.

Short Hair: Sandy Olsson

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The red lipstick, hair curled to perfection, and a black outfit that is oh so tight. This is the perfect sexy blonde costume for Halloween parties of all ages. It’s a classic that old souls will love and it’s convenient enough for a spooky kegger.

All you need is black skinny jeans or leather pants, an off the shoulder crop top, red sandal heels, red lipstick, and curled hair.

Long Hair: Lizzie McGuire


Grab your flip phone and lip gloss; we’re throwing it back to the early 2000s. This outfit is absolutely adorable and Gordo-approved. You’ll look taller in all of your photos with those platform flip flops that are hidden deep in the back of your closet at home.

Wear your favorite flared, low-waisted jeans, platform flip flops, a colorful tube or halter top, denim jacket, and, of course, butterfly hair clips!


2. Brunette

Show the blondes how to really have fun with these flirty outfits inspired by the greatest brunettes to ever live.

Short Hair: Holly Golightly


Ask your mom for her best pearls because who wouldn’t want to be Audrey Hepburn for a day? You can do her classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look or even make a more laid back or sexy version.

Grab a black skirt, a black sleeveless shirt, big black sunglasses, a pearl necklace, black dinner gloves, and pull your hair up in a bun with a cute silver clip in the front. Let loose but remember, you’re Audrey for the night… keep it classy.

Long Hair: Selena Quintanilla

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Como la flor, Selena was absolutely beautiful and recreating her most iconic purple sparkled flared outfit is one of the absolute best outfits you can wear. 

Honor the queen of Latin American Pop by wearing a purple halter top, purple flared pants, and straighten your hair to perfection. Get ready to Bidi Bom Bom your night away.


3. Black

Live this Halloween as royalty with your rich black locks.

Short Hair: Cleopatra

Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

The great and powerful pharaoh lives again this Halloween as her bold makeup reflects the nature of her reign.

Rule the people of your Kingdom with gold hair jewelry, a gold headband, thick cat-eye eyeliner, and a green dress or outfit.

Long: Jasmine


Ditch Aladdin and go out with your girls! Use Jasmine’s determination and make this Halloween the best.

Explore a “whole new world” with a blue crop top, blue parachute pants, a blue headband, big gold earrings, and a gold necklace.


4. Red

Short: Molly Ringwald


Pick any of her movies. We’ve all seen them and annoyed our boyfriends with them. Multiple times.

Be one of the most iconic ladies of the 80s by wearing a pink dress or outfit, pearls, and curling your hair!

Long: Ariel


King Triton pushed your curfew back for tonight. Put on those shells and find your Eric!

Party where the people are with a purple bra crop top, green flared pants, and beach wavy hair!







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