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A Night in Five Points Told By Tina Belcher

Every U of SC student has experienced a night in Five Points, but a lot of students occasionally spend their nights binge watching ridiculous TV shows instead. We had Tina from Bob’s Burgers explain a night out in Five Points so you can have the perfect mix of both!

Sometimes things can get a little desperate.

Waking up with unexplainable cuts and bruises is part of the experience.

You are bound to spend a few nights waiting in line when it’s freezing and you didn’t dress for the weather.

Girl’s bathrooms really are a sacred place of bonding.

Five Points is there for you those nights when you are feelin’ yo’self

 …And it's for you those nights when you’re a mess.

It is 100% the best place to show off your dance moves.

But after you feel pretty horrible about yourself and your decisions

When Sunday rolls around and you look at the amount of money you spent, lack of things you got done, and calories consumd, you promise yourself you will not return to Five Points for a while. But deep down, you know where you’ll be next weekend. 

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