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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Walking through the halls of my dorm as a freshman 600 miles away from home, I never put much thought into when people would tell me that these are the fastest four years of your life. Fast forward to now, and I can assure you that they truly are.

While your 20’s are some of the most anxiety-ridden years, they are also some of the most special. I’m, as well as most seniors in college, constantly worried about what my post-grad life is going to look like. Nonetheless, there are a few things that I remind myself of daily:

Invest in yourself.

It’s entirely too easy to weigh yourself down with school work, the stress of job applications, and the fear of the unknown as a senior. You need to make time for you — whether that be working out, taking a nap, or making your favorite meal. Without the little things that make us appreciate the world around us, we can easily lose who we are.

College is one chapter, not an entire book.

It may be hard to accept the fact that college will most likely be the most fun years of our lives. I adore USC and know how daunting it can be to think about the change ahead. I’ll no longer live on the same street as 10 of my friends or be able to spend Sunday’s recapping the weekend with my roommates. Even though there is a lot of change ahead, the best days of my life are ahead of me, not behind me.

you will figure things out.

As a senior, you’ve heard this before and will probably hear this 1,000 mores times before graduation. Post-college is arguably going to be one of the biggest changes in your life thus far. Rather than a curse, think of it as a blessing. Be at peace with the change. It may feel like everyone else is one step ahead of you, but remember that every single college senior is most likely feeling the same way. The only thing that is constant in our lives is change. You will figure things out.

Sarah Heyman

South Carolina '24

Sarah is the social media manager and a writer for the South Carolina Her Campus chapter. She manages all social media and posts content for her chapter. Sarah also writes editorial articles regularly. Sarah is a senior at the University of South Carolina studying Marketing. In her free time, Sarah likes to work out, spend time with family, and try new foods.