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My Top 5 Pumpkin Foods from Trader Joe’s

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Ah, Trader Joe’s. It goes by many names to us. Trader’s, TJ’s, Trader José’s. No matter what you call it, I think we can all agree that each year the ultimate grocery store chain brings its A-Game in fall-themed foods for the spirit of the season. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites from this year’s lineup to share and with y’all to give you the real rundown of what’s hot and what’s not. 


Greek Nonfat Pumpkin Yogurt

In my obviously professional opinion, TJ Greek Yogurt is superior to all other brands of greek yogurt. Personally, it was the first greek yogurt I ever really enjoyed, so I definitely have some bias in play. Needless to say, my expectations were high for this seasonal flavor of yogurt, and my expectations were certainly exceeded. The pumpkin flavor was more subtle and not overwhelmingly sweet, which in my opinion is what made it so good. Mix in a little granola of your choice and your snack game is instantly elevated. 


Pumpkin Butternut Squash Bisque

Butternut squash soup is a fall staple practically everywhere. The cozy feeling of the creamy bowl of goodness fills me with allll the fall feels, not to mention the obvious fall aesthetic with its bright orange-y color *insert heart eyes here.* This pumpkin twist on the classic dish is KILLER and is SCARY good ;) for many reasons. Bad jokes aside, this bisque is thick and packed with flavor. While the butternut squash taste was certainly the star, the dainty hints of pumpkin-y bliss secured this as my new go-to this fall. 


Mini Spicy Pumpkin Samosas

You simply cannot convince me otherwise that the frozen section of Trader’s is unmatched. While doing my usual browse, I came upon these pumpkin samosas, and I just had to try because savory pumpkin dishes are frequently so underrated. I’m happy to report they were 100% worth the hype. My roommate and I were so surprised by the intense fall flavors packed into these mini bites. We decided to categorize them as a sort of healthier and fall-ier pizza bite type of snack. Needless to say, my roommate has them on her TJ’s shopping list now… 


Spiced Pumpkin Madeline Cookies

Madeline cookies are a classic fan-favorite at TJ’s year-round, however the pumpkin spin on these cookies were a 10/10 idea by Trader’s. They come in a cute pack of 6, perfect for you to enjoy all by yourself . They are soft, have just the right touch of sweetness, and are most certainly addicting. These cookies are literally exactly what fall tastes like if it were a flavor. 


Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps

These are, by far, the most sought-after product at TJ’s during fall. They are so difficult to get because they sell out so frequently, leaving me with no other choice than to stock up on at least 4 boxes whenever I can find them! They are crunchy, but the cranberry pieces soften them a little, offering the perfect balance in one bite. They have a unique fall flavor that somehow reminds me of the real fall weather up North and are dangerously addicting. My personal recommendation would be to enjoy them with some Trader Joe’s Honey Goat Cheese for the ultimate mouth orgasm ;).


My overall conclusion is that Trader Joe’s can apparently never produce something that tastes bad, especially in the fall category. A bonus product that’s not pumpkin specific but fall festive nonetheless is the oh-so mouthwatering and truly addicting Maple Sea Salt Kettle Corn. 

Don’t walk, run

Happy Fall and Happy Trader Joe’s Splurging!

(I apologize in advice for what’s about to happen to your bank account.)

Zoe Smith

South Carolina '25

CT | University of South Carolina '25 | Editorial Team Contributor
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