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Babe: Hey, you wanna go study?

Me: Yeah for sure!

Him: How about Tcoop?

Me: Nah, how about Cool Beans?

Him: Every week?

Me: You know it.

Above is a very shortened version or summary of how this standing date has come into fruition for us. I’m sure for you South Carolina babes, you already know what this is, but if you don’t, don’t worry I’m about to break it down!

Cool Beans, 1217 College St, Columbia, SC 29201, also known as or associated with, College Grounds. This is the elite study spot/quick date spot if you were to ask me. If you’re like me, you have sort of fallen out with studying at the campus library or in your dorm/home. Trust me I get it. I fell out with it too, which led to me not being on that grind like I used too, because I just wasn’t motivated enough. My boyfriend texted me one day wondering if and where I wanted to study, and I said I did but didn’t know where. He suggested Cool Beans, which is so close by. We went one time and have been regulars ever since. The vibes in there are immaculate; there’s subtle music playing, you’re surrounded by other college students, but also just everyday people in general. There is plenty of seating and outlets for your dying laptops and phones!

I cannot say I have fully experienced Cool Beans for all it has to offer. There’s bookshelves full of books and board games upstairs. The downstairs “restaurant” is technically a separate entity called College Grounds, that I think serves more food type options, but they are connected so you can sit wherever you like. The menu options are stellar, offering a wide variety of drinks and snacks to munch on while you’re there. An aspect more on the cool side, is that every month they have new art up on the walls. Most if not all of the art in there is student/civilian made, as in you can put your name on a list to be able to showcase your art. I would do this if I could ever remember to. We really enjoy going there because there isn’t that intense feeling that you sometimes get from the library, and it is very relaxed. We have gone every week if not multiple times a week, and I have gotten back on my grind of being a so-called academic weapon. Something about being there just motivates me to do my work. I know as you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about the money aspect of it all. My honest opinion is that it’s not that expensive at all. Whenever we go we trade off who pays, so we get a little breather with it, but even if you were to go often and fully pay for yourself it would be equal or even less expensive than going to Starbucks for a drink!

With finals coming up, you can bet that I will be in the Cool Beans until they close, getting ready to close out the semester, and when that time comes you can bet again that I will be right back at it when we return in the fall. If I were you I would go check it out, if not for a date then for a quick study session. Go support your local college coffee shop and their student baristas, and maybe I’ll just see you there :)

Jess Reynolds

South Carolina '26

Jess is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. She is majoring in nursing and is a part of the creative and editorial teams of the USC Hercampus Organization chapter. She is also a part of the Women in Stem club and the Student Nursing Association. Jess was the president of her school chapter of Habitat for Humanity. She has won sociable and perseverance awards in the organization as well. She was also the Fundraising/Volunteer Co-chair of her school’s Help A Hound club as well. She loves connecting with others and shares a goal of empowering women. Her hobbies include doing anything artistic and being surrounded by nature. Jess loves Hercampus and can’t wait to learn and grow into more of an extraordinary woman!