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Morgan Paris ’17

Name: Morgan Paris

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marine Biology

Relationship Status: Single? Netflix?

Greek Life: Gamma Phi Beta

Hollywood Crush: Taylor Lautner

Friends closest to this week’s Campus Cutie call her little miss sunshine because no matter what, nothing puts a damper on this girl’s attitude! Morgan’s smile is contagious and she brightens everyone’s day. Heads turn even when her hair’s in messy bun and she has only thrown on sweatpants. What’s even better is that she’s caring, kind, and easy going—and who couldn’t benefit from a little sunshine like that?

Her Campus South Carolina: What are your passions/interests/hobbies?

Morgan Paris: I love fish (and I don’t mean eating them! Fish are friends, not food!) and all things outdoorsy!

HCSC: Favorite food? Color? Movie? Show?

MP: Potatoes… in all forms and of course Chipotle; I’m basic in this sense… pink!; Pretty Woman!; Surprisingly, Game of Thrones!

HCSC: Where do you usually find yourself on a Friday night? Are you up to no good or are you in bed watching Netflix?

MP: You’ll probably catch me in 5 points with my favorite girls all dressed up and ready to have a good time! You may even catch me riding the bull at Moosehead’s! (Which is not something you want to miss, trust me!)

HCSC: What’s your idea of a perfect date? Dinner and a movie? Romantic walk on the beach? A day spent on an adventure? 

MP: First off, they better show up at my door with chocolates in hand. Seriously, I’m an addict. After that, I want him to have planned the date. As long as thought was put into it, I’ll be swooning!

HCSC: What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?

MP: I met this guy downtown who was a total sweetheart… before he had one too many to drink. When we went to grab some food, his personality did a 360! He was rude and sloppy! I ran away as quick as I could.

HCSC: You’ve just met the man of your dreams: what does he look like and what’s his personality like?

MP: Well since I’m 5’10, he must be tall. A 6 pack couldn’t hurt either! I also love a charming smile. I really need a guy who can make me laugh, but can also have an intellectual conversation with me. He should go with the flow and be up for anything!

HCSC: What are your biggest turn offs/turn ons?

MP: Without a doubt, smoking! If he’s a little to into himself, see ya later! As for turn-ons, I’m going to be cliché here and say you can definitely pull me in if he has a dog! That means he is responsible. To add to that, he also needs to have a good relationship with his family.

HCSC: It seems like half the college population is split on this one… what’s your view on relationships in college?

MP: Personally, I would have one! I think you should at least take your freshman year to find yourself and adjust and I definitely don’t think long distance relationships work out well. But if you find the rare man on campus who isn’t creepy and wants to sweep you off of your feet, heck yeah!

HCSC: Oh no! All of a sudden you’re thirty, where do you see yourself?

MP: I hope to God I’ll be in Australia in charge of my own research group aiding in Marine Biology. It would be awesome if I discovered a new fish! One can dream! Hopefully I’ll have a met a hot surfer with a sexy accent too.

HCSC: What do you want the eligible bachelors on USC campus to know about you?

MP: I’d rather not say, how about they come find out!?




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