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Miley Cyrus Disappoints in Charlotte, NC

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.
And we can’t stop… oh wait… yes, we can stop. On April 7th, many South Carolina collegiettes prepared for their two hour drive to Charlotte, North Carolina for the long-awaited Miley Cyrus concert. #bangerz was trending on twitter, buns were put up, and short-shorts were pulled on. Thousands of people had traveled to the Time Warner Cable Arena for this concert. You can only imagine the intense atmosphere to see Miley, people started lining up at 5pm for a 7 o’clock concert! Around 6:30pm—just half an hour before Miley’s opening act was scheduled to begin—balloon arches were taken down, fans were turned away at the ticket booth, and fat red letters spelled CANCELED across the jumbotron outside the venue. So why did Miley cancel? Official reports said she has the flu and was ordered to rest. However, unofficial reports have said she was intoxicated, was physically upset over losing a dog, and even just bored with the tour. It’s hard to know for sure. Refunds are available for those who bought tickets, as the tour stop in Charlotte will not be rescheduled.
Miley can stop and she did stop.
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