Meet Jax Boucher, President of Dance Marathon

Although Dance Marathon, just ended a few short weeks ago, the staff behind DM is already working so hard for next year’s event (the 20th anniversary!). Check out what Jax Boucher, president of USC Dance Marathon, has to say about how she got to where she is and why she loves her job!

Name: Jax Boucher

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Advertising and Business Management

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Her Campus South Carolina: What got you started in Dance Marathon?

Jax Boucher: I started working at Strom when I first got here to USC and there were 2 guys who worked there with me and were super involved and kind of forced me to do it, and I ended up loving it.

HCSC: How have you been involved since?

JB: I participated freshman year and then I was on morale, which led me to work at the hospital as a Child Life Volunteer. I became Hospital Relations director, so I worked on the board last year, and now I’m president!

HCSC: What are your goals as president now?

JB: I really want every single person on this campus to know what Dance Marathon is and what Palmetto Health hospital is because it took me up until I started working there to figure out what it really is, and both DM and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are so life-changing to the families and children getting treated there. are. Also, I really want people to find their home in DM the way I’ve found mine.

HCSC: What is your dream job?

JB: I would love to be a grief counselor specifically in a children’s hospital because I want to give back to children who may need counseling so they can be as happy as I am now.

HCSC: If you could do one thing to change something about hospital care, etc. what would it be?

JB: I would have a child life program in every hospital that ever sees children because it makes a difference for the kids and families. The programs DM helps fund aren’t just for medicine, it really helps takes care of the kids and also the family. And dogs. I would put dogs in every hospital.