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Making a Difference Four Legs at a Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

When you look at Jenga, you immediately sense his gentle and calm demeanor—his brown eyes searching for love and affection. You can tell he is an older guy; gray now adorns his face where bright white and brown fur once was. When he walks, he occasionally stumbles, his rear falling to the ground—a result of past trauma caused by a gunshot wound long ago. 


Jenga is just one of the many residents of Final Victory Animal Rescue, an organization dedicated to granting second chances to animals just like Jenga. Since 2017, Final Victory has provided a safe haven for vulnerable and abused animals from across the country. Either found as strays or transferred from shelters throughout the US, Final Victory provides its residents a safe and loving place before heading to their “final victory.” From large 5’x10’ runs to long walks along riverside trails, the animals of Final Victory Animal Rescue are provided a sort of oasis that many of them have never experienced before. 


Final Victory has even gone beyond their local community by uniting with like-minded rescue partners from across the US. Their dedicated staff and volunteers help fellow organizations by facilitating rescue and transportation services, as well as providing boarding spaces and foster connections for animals in need. Through their efforts, they have made it possible to save even more lives than ever before.

As a student at the University of South Carolina, I’ve had the honor of being part of Give A Dog A Bone–a club that has recently partnered with Final Victory Animal Rescue. Through Give A Dog A Bone, I’ve been able to do my small part for these animals that I’ve come to love. Whether it’s helping to take them on walks, providing staff with help around the shelter, or raising funds for a personalized wheelchair for Jenga—I am honored to help an organization that has brought such warmth and compassion to the Columbia community. 

You can do your small part too! Final Victory Animal Rescue is looking for passionate volunteers, foster families, and monetary donations to put towards vet care. Items such as bleach, detergent, puppy toys, dog/cat food, and potty pads are also always accepted. You can donate at patreon.com/finalvictoryrescue.

The rescue is found at 2136 Sumter Street in Columbia, South Carolina. You can view their adoptable dogs, like Jenga, at www.finalvictoryrescue.com and on their Instagram @FinalVictoryRescue.

Sarah Heyman

South Carolina '24

Sarah is the social media manager and a writer for the South Carolina Her Campus chapter. She manages all social media and posts content for her chapter. Sarah also writes editorial articles regularly. Sarah is a senior at the University of South Carolina studying Marketing. In her free time, Sarah likes to work out, spend time with family, and try new foods.
Abby Davies

South Carolina '22

U of SC '22. Public Health major.