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First off, this is in no way meant to bash my ex. That is the last thing I want to do right now. However, I am currently going through a breakup. It happens, probably way more than it should but that’s perfectly okay. I am hurting, but I know that I will be okay. One of the best things I did was reflect, a lot of reflecting.

I wanted to hangout with friends, I wanted to go to a party and just forget about it. Even better, I wanted to drive home to my family because I knew they would have been a fantastic support system. Instead, I wrote a letter to myself. It was refreshing, it felt good to get out all my feelings and realize the things that I really did wrong in the relationship.

Along with writing down the things I did wrong, I wrote about the things I did right. The things that made me smile because I did those things, things that I hope when I have the strength to start seeing others again, that I can share those kind acts with them. 

Writing this letter to myself is something I can have as closure, and if you know anything about me it is that I need closure. I probably also need the last word, but we are also trying to work on that, too. Writing this letter was bittersweet. I wasn’t just saying goodbye to a three-year relationship, I was saying goodbye to a part of me that I can see has changed. Throwback to when I was thirteen and experienced my first relationship, I swear I searched wikiHow five times a day wondering how to get through a break up. In my letter, I wrote how I have grown since then. 

There is no right or wrong way to write a letter to yourself, which is something I seem to always get caught up over when I do reflect. If you are going through a breakup right now, or honestly anything that is super life changing and you need some time to reflect on and also something tangible, I highly suggest writing it all down. My grandmother’s best advice to me is to write it down, see how I feel on paper. This is advice that I want to share with you because of how it helped me, and I hope that it can help someone else, too!

Sophia Martin

South Carolina '22

Advertising major who loves all things Disney World, UofSC, writing, and her dog, Ryder. Sophia loves Her Campus because of the great girl gang it’s given her!
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