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If The Bachelor Contestants Were SEC Schools

Nick Viall is no stranger to The Bachelor circuit. He’s done two stints on The Bachelorette and has been on one season of Bachelor in Paradise. So after three separate seasons, Nick has finally earned a run on The Bachelor where he’s the one everyone’s fighting for. With all those girls living in one house, we expect some drama, but this season is panning out to be even more interesting than Ben’s (shocker). This got us thinking, if these drama queens were SEC schools, which one would they be?

1. Alabama

The contestant everyone loves to hate, Alabama is Corinne. ‘Nuff said.

2. Auburn

Auburn is Taylor because she’s definitely Corinne’s number one enemy. Meanwhile, Corinne is literally everyone’s, including Taylor’s, number one enemy.

3. Florida

Florida…Florida is Rachel. She sticks around for a while, but we all know she doesn’t win since she’s slated to be the next Bachelorette. 

4. South Carolina

Vanessa has been able to stick around for a while, but don’t forget that she literally threw up on national television in week three. What football team notoriously chokes? South Carolina. Odds are Vanessa makes it to the fourth quarter, but can’t win.

5. Georgia

UGA’s football season always starts off strong and then they seem to forget what they’re doing and end up relatively mediocre. Georgia is Lauren because a “law school graduate” is not the same as a lawyer and makes us feel like she definitely graduated and forgot what she was supposed to do.

6. Mizzou

Honestly, I didn’t even know Whitney’s name until she got sent home, making her the perfect fit for MizzWHO?

7. Tennessee

Tennessee is Liz because she slept with Nick before the show and then disappeared to never speak to him again. Tennessee football manages to make a splash on occasion, but also always manages to disappear once again. 

8. Kentucky

Alexis thinks she is a dolphin, she is really a shark. Kentucky tries to be a football school, they’re really a basketball school. End of story.

9. Arkansas

Obviously, this must be Raven. Come on, she got out of the limo screaming “WOO PIG SOOIE.”

Alex is a Public Relations major at the University of South Carolina. She is an avid napper, a lover of guacamole and an Office enthusiast.
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