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How We Do Game Day at the University of South Carolina

If you were to ask students from the University of South Carolina why they chose this school, I guarantee at least half of them would tell you it was for the sports. The Gamecocks have been known for dominating in football and you will find our stadium PACKED with students and locals on game day.

Now, I’m from Boston, so being surrounded by passionate fans was not foreign to me (Go Pats!) However, I was still MIND BLOWN when I came to South Carolina. Truth is, football in the South is ten times crazier than it is anywhere else in America (I have visited friends at other schools, so I know this for a fact), and I full heartedly believe that there’s no better place to spend Saturday’s in the Fall than at Williams Brice Stadium.

While most college students throw on jerseys and eye black and look as crazy and spirited as they can for games, the South does game day much classier than that. For example, here’s what we wear for game day at USC:

For Girls: Garnet or black dress/nice top and skirt combo, matching bubble necklace, and optional “Gamecock” face sticker or [insert sorority here] loves the Gamecock’s pin. Of course, nice shorts and an occasional jersey are allowed as well- but all Gamecock ladies are looking classy and cute for games.

For Guys: Nice garnet or black button downs or PFGs (okay, I didn’t know what this meant until I came to school here so I’ll save you the Google search…PFG stands for “Performance Fishing Gear” and…they’re basically just nice looking shirts), and khaki’s. Oh and NO CARGO SHORTS—it’s practically social suicide. Also, guys often have coozies hanging out of their back pockets, because heaven forbid they hold a beer can without one!

On game days, Columbia becomes an entirely different city. Traffic becomes so ridiculous they have to make streets one-way, and tailgates tents cover every spot within a mile radius of the stadium. There are cops everywhere directing traffic and controlling mayhem, but suddenly they ignore open-container law, public drunkenness or underage drinking (most likely because they’re all Gamecock fans themselves).

For tailgating, a lot of students pitch in for tents in the memorial lots. For girls who don’t have a spot (or who don’t know anyone who has a spot), they’ll most likely be hitting up the “frat lots.” But have no fear; fraternity tailgates have almost unlimited booze that’s completely free for the ladies. Cute guys may be an added bonus.

No matter where you tailgate, it’s always a party, so you’re guaranteed to have a good game day even if you couldn’t get that lower-deck ticket. In fact, if the Gamecocks are dominating by enough points, most students will actually leave the game to return to the tents and celebrate the anticipated victory.  If you do survive the tailgate and make it into game, the lower deck student section is the best spot in the house to cheer on the Cocks. GO! FIGHT! WIN! KICK-A**!

To quote Tim Brando of CBS sports, “You won’t find any more loyal fans in the country than those who follow the South Carolina Gamecocks.” See everyone, I’m not just making this stuff up!

If you are an athlete, a sport fanatic, or you like any ‘ole reason to party with an entire university, you should probably consider visiting South Carolina for game day.  If it doesn’t want to make you transfer from your own school, you’re probably too lame to be a Gamecock anyway.

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Kristina Zagame

South Carolina

Born and raised right outside the great city of Boston. Senior at the University of South Carolina. Major: Broadcast Journalism. Minor: Sport and Entertainment Management. Interests include traveling, storytelling, and trying to squeeze in naps. Biggest pet peeve: being told, "no." Instagram & Twitter: @kzagame GO COCKS!
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