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How to Enhance Your Creative Portfolio & Resume THIS Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

The end of the semester is approaching fast, and college campus small-talk has shifted into questions of “What are you doing this summer?” After hours, weeks, and months, of planning summer break, I hope you are satisfied and looking forward to the upcoming months. However, even if you didn’t get the internship of your dreams, you can still have a productive break.

Summer break is a time for rest and rejuvenation, but it’s also a great time to get organized and prepare for your future. Outside of any corporate internships, ongoing projects, or school curriculum, here’s how you can have a professional glow-up while still enjoying the freedom of summer break.

Divided into job-related resume builders and a self-marketing portfolio essentials section, enjoy reading about how you can enhance your creative portfolio THIS summer.


Consider Non-Profit Internships

Though often unpaid, working at non-profits is a great way to gain experience in a professional setting and be a part of something meaningful. Many non-profits have internships pertaining to writing, social media, marketing, etc., that gives interns an opportunity to get real practice doing work and meeting deadlines. These work environments can be face-paced, but they can also be impactful and conducive to learning.

Summer Camps Resume Builders

Summer camps often have positions (some paid) that serve to provide students opportunities to gain real-life experience. Some common postings include photography, social media, and public relations. Depending on the camp’s activities, you might even get to spend time outside in the sun while you work!


Consider volunteering for an organization in your community that aligns with your values. Volunteering is always a great way to spend your time and to help make the world a better place. If you discuss these experiences in an interview or add them to your resume, this helps communicate to an employer your values and work ethic. Volunteering is also last-minute friendly, meaning that there are typically few barriers in place preventing involvement. So, even whether you have history with an organization or plan to join a new one, volunteering is a great summer activity.

Self-Marketing Techniques

Portfolio Presentation

Although the task of creating a platform to display your portfolio can be tedious, it’s also a way to get creative! Upgrade your PDF collection of work to a website or social media page so employers can view your portfolio on an easy and professional platform. There are many different options, depending on your focus area. Google Sites is a free option that is easy to use and has custom and template options.

Add New Skills

Having a large skill set in creative fields is a must as it increases employability and can help candidates stand out when applying to jobs. Summer is a great time to try new skills while not being too busy with your regular semester projects and course work. For example, writers may consider learning about photography or Adobe photoshop, and designers can experiment with social media trends or writing copy. Even learning how to better navigate Microsoft suite can help you prepare for your first internship or job. Do you know how to make a pivot table in Excel?

Make A Project

With (hopefully) more free time during the summer, it’s the perfect time to make a project — maybe you can even add it to your portfolio! If you’re a journalist, do some reporting in your hometown. If you’re pursuing photography, commit to take a certain number of photos each week to improve. You could even start a social media account and make a goal to hit a certain number of followers.

Remember, even if you didn’t land your dream internship for the summer, there are still plenty of ways to stay learning and improving on your professional skills. You got this!

Grace Wilson

South Carolina '25

Grace is the senior editor for Her Campus at The University of South Carolina. There, she writes and edits articles weekly and enjoys working with the team of creative and empowered women. Beyond Her Campus, she is a junior at the University of South Carolina, majoring in English with mass communications and law studies minors. Grace is passionate about using her writing skills as a tool to make a positive impact and enjoys volunteering in her community. In her free time, Grace enjoys practicing yoga, baking snickerdoodles, and watching figure skating. As an out-of-state student, she has explored SC by going on walks while listening to Taylor Swift.