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How to Dress to Impress: Building a Wardrobe

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The year is 2024…it’s time to get the basics down!

When building a better wardrobe, there are several essentials to thinks about:

How to Dress:

1. The Neutrals:

  • When finding neutrals, the color scheme needs to be a basic: black, white, grey, and tan of a certain item. Having several different options for turtlenecks, t-shirts, or tank tops allows for layering and outfit building.
  • Neutrals make wondering base layers–wear sparingly on top of each other.

2. The Overthrows:

  • This season try wearing some panchos, overlay sweaters, or even cardigans that elevate your outfit rather than bring it down. Finding pieces that do not have the same texture as a base layer, you can create a contrast of fabrics.
  • For warmth or for fashion, an overthrow in an outfit can make or change the dynamic you wish to create.

3. The Pants:

  • Denim, cords, yoga pants, or even skirts: the pants make the look. Making sure to wear bottoms that feel comfortable, flatter you, and elevate the outfit…there is never any wrong with a choice of bottoms.

4. The Statement Pieces:

  • Find the one article of clothing that speaks to you, something that makes you feel cool or authentic. A statement piece is worn for the sheer effect of calling attention to a specific feature or a specific aspect of yourself.
  • For example: a statement piece can be a funky patterned coat, a bold accessory, or even a pair of pants that are not fundamental to the outfit.

5. The Coats:

  • Coats and jackets are by far the easiest way to complete an outfit. From trench coats to a simple cardigan, you can make or break an outfit based on the top layer. Make sure that any coat you wear color coordinates to the rest of the outfit, and you’re almost at 100%.

6. The Accessories:

  • Jewelry, Scarves, or even Glasses: these are the fun pieces that you can add to an outfit to personalize and create an image to others. Finding fun or functional pieces, these parts of the outfit are to be talked about!

7. The Shoes:

  • The shoe is the gateway to the soul! You must have the basic sneaker, fun pump heel, a boot, and some playful platform to create weight to an outfit. You can never go wrong with a properly placed shoe, but just make sure the occasion calls for it.
  • Some fun shoes to invest in: white sneakers, mary jane’s, clogs, platform boot, and a printed sneaker. You cannot go wrong with however you diversify your shoe collection.

How to Impress:

The impression part is easy! Just be yourself and wear your clothes confidently. It’s your outfit, so rock it however you want to.

While this article gives opinion on how to dress, clothes are only a portion of the impression. You have to feel confident in what you wear and how you wear it!

  • You make the impression–the clothes are only part of the equation!

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

– Gianni Versace

Continue to wear some fire fits and turn some heads! You are already on your way to dress to impress!

Anna Henderson

South Carolina '24

Anna Grace is a Junior English major and Education minor at the University of South Carolina. She is extremely passionate about literature and information access and hopes to pursue a career in teaching one day!