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How To Avoid The “Freshman 15”

Everyone fears it. Some people will admit that it’s a real thing. Every college student is warned about the freshman 15.

Gaining weight in college can happen. You’re completely on your own now – no parents to tell you how to eat, no coaches to make you run harder or longer, and nobody stopping you from going out four nights a week or considering a cone from Marble Slab an acceptable lunch.

The good news is…it doesn’t have to be a real thing. In fact, we know it’s not a real thing. Here are a few tips on defeating the dreaded freshman 15:


1.     Walk when you can. Walk to class, walk to stores that are close, walk for fun.

2.     Eat early/early-ish. They always say, don’t eat after 7:15.

3.     Drunk eating? Yeah…limit that one. Eating at 3AM after consuming thousands of calories in alcohol is already bad enough.


5.     Watch your portions. Do you really need to finish the entire burger, every last fry, and a whole milkshake?

6.     Try and hit the gym or find an activity that you enjoy that challenges your body – hiking, walking, running, intramural sports, swimming, etc.

7.     Don’t eat when you’re bored.

8.     Don’t eat when you’re sad.

9.     Don’t watch Netflix all day.

10. Buy a scale, but don’t become a slave to it. If your arch nemesis is the scale, measure your weight by how your favorite pair of jeans fit.

11. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry. You’re more likely to buy junk food and things you normally wouldn’t buy if you’re hungry.

12. As addicting as Diet Coke is, trade it in for water. Other than exercise, water is the only other thing that can break down fat.

13. Find a workout buddy. Having a partner will push you more and will keep you more accountable.

14. Celebrate small victories.

15. Encourage yourself. Be positive. Take it one day at a time. Adjusting to college life is already enough, so give yourself some time to figure out a rhythm. 

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Mattis Collier

South Carolina

Mattis Collier is a sophomore Sport and Entertainment Management major at the University of South Carolina. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority as well as a member of Alpha Lambda Delta academic fraternity. Mattis hopes to attend law school in North Carolina once she graduates and is interested in pursuing a career in collegiate or professional sports law. She enjoys running, baseball/football games, being outside, hiking, and crafting.
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