A Guide to a Leslie Knope Inspired Galentine’s Day

As we start the second month of 2020, there are a lot of amazing things to look forward to. Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Rihanna’s birthday; just to name a few.

Although these are some of the more well-known days of the month of February, there is a very exciting day in this month that is too often overlooked.

February 13th. Galentine’s Day.

This is a day dedicated solely to the celebration of your galentines (AKA, your closest friends, the women you admire and love, your fellow sun goddesses.) Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s basically the greatest day of the year. You can thank the fictional character Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation for this gem. 

February 13th is a day dedicated to friendship. It’s the perfect excuse to lavish your friends with love and affection and tell them that they make you feel like the song "Good as Hell" by Lizzo.

So, what exactly could you be doing on this day of all days?

Here are some ideas to throw a Galentine’s celebration that even Leslie Knope herself would be proud of:

  1. 1. Exchange awesome gifts

    Your friends are quirky and crazy and beautiful, and you should let them know! What better way to do that than through a gift? Maybe it’s a necklace from Vestique, or a painting you made of their favorite building in the Vista, or even just a random thing you found that had your best-friend-since-the-third-grade’s vibes all over it. Get creative!

  2. 2. Eat your favorite foods

    If you want to go full Knope, have a brunch! Waffles at noon- what could be more extravagant? Or what about a fancy steak dinner, or a heart-shaped pizza? Yes, yes, and yes. You can’t go wrong here, people.

  3. 3. Throw a party

    This is a great day to create even more memorable experiences with your friends. Go out on the town, throw the best pajama party at your apartment, or just dance in your living room! Anything can be a party if you make it.

  4. 4. Go on a trip

    You know how you guys are always talking about being spontaneous? Now is your chance. Take that dream road trip to Atlanta or New York and make it a reality! And if you don’t have the funds (broke college kid, girl me too), do something new where you are! Go discover a new place in Columbia.

  5. 5. Do your thing

    Do whatever it is that you and your friends love to do. Your unofficial friend tradition. Maybe it’s getting a latte at your local coffee shop, maybe it’s something new like going on a scavenger hunt around town. Just do you!

On this Galentine’s Day, what’s most important is reflecting on the memories that you’ve shared with your friends. The belly laughs, the sometimes stuipid (but always hilarious) decisions, the ups and the downs, the everything. Celebrate it all today like a big conjoined celebration of every woman that you love. Maybe invite Beyonce to the party? 


You celebrate your gals everyday, but today is an excuse to go over the top. Friendships are so important. Why shouldn't we have one day of the year dedicated to celebrating them?