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Fun Things To Do With Your Pet on National Pet Day

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National Pet Day is here! There’s so many ways to show your furry friend some extra attention and remind them that they are so loved and important. Pets are such a big part of many families around the world and having a day centered around how awesome they are is needed. I cultivated my own list of cool activities that I will be partaking myself, so if you’re looking for some ideas, you can find them right here!

Cats are notably not fans of super strenuous activity, but there are still some fun things you can do with them:

  1. Treasure Hunt– Cats love to let out the natural predator in them, so it could be entertaining to them to go on a treasure hunt. Hide some of their favorite treats in some interesting hiding places to keep them entertained. An adventure like this can keep them occupied while also enjoying spending time with you.
  1. DIY Fort– Cats love the stimulation of tunnel toys and tall places to hide and survey the room. Making a DIY fort from boxes you have laying around would be amazing for your cat to play with. Not to mention, the texture of the boxes is perfect for clawing. This idea is a pleasurable option, especially if you’re not trying to break the bank.
  1. Laying Around– As we all know, cats love to simply lay around and be around and be near their humans. Use this time to take a beat from all your responsibilities and hang out with your furry friend. Not only is this a way to spend time with your pet, it is time for you to get away from your busy schedule.

Dogs are a bit more interactive, so there are a plethora of ideas that your dog would appreciate for this holiday. Here are a few that I found the most interesting:

  1. Homemade Treats– If your dog is anything like mine, they will eat anything: edible or not. Though this may be the case, it might be fun to make them homemade treats that were made with love from their owner. There are so many recipes out there to make your pet yummy treats for their special day.
  1. Take them on a playdate– As much as puppies love their humans, they have so much fun running around playing with their friends as well. National Pet Day could be a perfect day to take your dog to play with one of his neighborhood friends. It’s a great way for them to get all that energy out while also being around loved ones.
  1. Doggy Massage– Who doesn’t love a massage? With your pup always outside running and playing, it would be nice for them to have a relaxing day at the spa. There are so many health and relationship benefits from dog massaging. There’s nothing better to see on National Pet Day than a happy relaxed pup.

There are many other pets that people may have, but there are so many options out there that can help you decide what can make your specific pet feel special. Most importantly, they are simply happy with the time you spend with them, so take some time this National Pet Day to give your pet some extra attention and cuddles to let them know how much you love them!

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