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Drinking Ticket’s April Fools Joke Gone Too Far?

This past Friday, April 1st was a day filled with fun and harmless pranks. But local twitter celebrity @DrinkingTicket pulled a prank that gave nearly every underage college student heading downtown a heart attack.

Drinking Ticket is known for issuing breaking news on campus and they consider themselves University of South Carolina’s information authority. According to their website, it’s an extremely popular account with 46.7 thousand followers and “approximately three out of every four undergraduate students actively following them on Twitter,” which explains why this tweet caused mass panic amongst students under 21: 

After issuing this first tweet, DrinkingTicket received some skepticism in the comments. One twitter user replied, “this better be an April Fools joke or my life is over.” Another user said, “I almost just lost my sh*t and then remembered what day it was.” And of course, there were the angrier replies of people who didn’t find this joke amusing who simply wrote, “not funny.” 

Nearly two hours later, DrinkingTicket released another tweet rendering their first as an April Fools joke and easing the worries of many underclassmen. One thing Drinking Ticket now knows – don’t mess around with USC students and their beloved Five Points!

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