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Don’t Walk, RUN to Target For These Fall Fashion Trends!

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I have a feeling Fall 2021 is going to have some amazing trends. I may be biased though (and may or may not miss cold weather, boots, and sweaters in the Florida heat.) I mean, I decorated my apartment with Halloween decorations on August 1st.

As Target normally does, the store is catering to everything one might need for the extra Fall vibes we are getting in 2021. Below are some of my top Fall Target must haves!

  1. Pumpkins are just an essential. Need I say more? This little decorative cream pumpkin is absolutely adorable, and I think it can be used for the whole year. I am definitely that person who has pumpkins in her home 24/7, only changing them out for the appropriate season. For instance, my favorite color is tiffany blue and I can assure you that I have a blue pumpkin out every year for my birthday. Anyways, this cream pumpkin is very basic but gives me all those Autumn vibes we need right now.
  2. If you came to this article in search of a cute sweater, this one is for you! I absolutely adore this women’s open-front cardigan. It’s super soft and has so many cute colors. My personal favorite is the “rust” color. It matches almost everything that I normally wear and is a great transition color between those bright summer pastels and the warmer toned Autumn colors. Plus, it’s only $25! Who doesn’t love a great deal?
  3. As someone who has bought a million comforters in the time that she has been in college, I definitely need this comforter (or maybe just someone to tell me to stop buying comforters every month.) This flannel quilt comforter is as stylish as it looks. It’s very soft and I imagine that it keeps you warm on nights where you’re watching scary movies. My personal favorite color is “caramel,” but I’m also partial to “copper.”
  4. As the southern girl that I am, I love boots. They’re so versatile and I feel like you can wear the right pair of boots year-round. I typically stick with an ankle boot, which is why these women’s anya ankle boots are perfect for this season. I am not a super fan of black boots, I prefer brown, so of course I have to go with the cute tan color. I am already picturing an outfit with the rust colored cardigan!
  5. I am personally not a huge sock fan unless they are ankle socks, but you’ll definitely need more than an ankle sock with those booties (despite the fact that they are also ankle length). I saw these socks the other day and have been in love ever since. These women’s fern 3pk crew socks are giving me all the Fall vibes. I can see myself wearing these with some comfy sweatpants around my apartment, reminiscing on some cold weather.
  6. In a world where we still need face masks, let’s try to make them fun and stylish. This two pack of Hope & Henry contoured face masks will make your fall outfits make sense. We all know that those light blue surgical masks are cute with only certain outfits.

May you all have a great fall!

Sophia Martin

South Carolina '22

Sophia is an Advertising major who loves writing, her dog Ryder, chai lattes, and writing content. She is beyond excited to see where she can lead the South Carolina chapter as president.