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A Day at the Carolina Cup

Carolina Cup has been a student tradition here at USC since 1932, and this year it will be on March 29…this Saturday! Her Campus asked around to see what the average Cup experience is like:

6:00 AM- Wake up bright and early! Today is going to be a long day!

6:05 AM – Straight to the Keurig – you forgot how much waking up early sucks.

6:15 AM – Time to do your hair, zip up your Lilly dress, and put on makeup to cover up all signs of grogginess and/or any other imperfection. Because we woke up like this – flawless. 

7:00 AM- Floppy hat in one hand, cooler in the other, you’re out the door!

7:30 AM- The crucial first stop of the day is your date’s house for breakfast and mimosas, because we are classy ladies. 

8:00 AM –  You’re “helping” your date cram coolers onto the bus. Aka drinking while offering occasional moral support. 

8:15 AM – The pregame has begun. Anything that you may do from now on cannot be held against you. 

9:00 AM – Your tickets are scanned and the tent is set up: it’s time for Cup to start!

12:00 PM – Carolina Cup is in full swing: there are people running from tent to tent, bets being wagered, races starting… not like you’re really paying attention though.

2:00 PM –Everything is going great so far! Your date is being a perfect gentleman, you’ve taken some really cute pictures in your hat, and you’re basically just the queen of everything.

5:00PM – Where did the time go? The alcohol is gone, your heels are hurting, and your date is drunk. Time to get back on the bus and head home, where your beautiful bed is waiting for you. 


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