Brooke Biundo: Sailing into Our Hearts

Our Campus Celebrity this week is Brooke Biundo, a sophomore visual communications major at USC. Brooke is passionate about photography, tennis, and most importantly sailing. In 2011, Brooke attended the USA Junior Olympics, where she placed third in the women’s fleet sailing competition.

When did you first start sailing?

“I started sailing at the age of seven”

What made you interested in the sport?

“I live on the water in New Jersey, and its what tons of people do where I’m from”

What was the first competition you competed in?

“My first competition was when I was eight, and I did well enough to push me to continue.”

How did you feel when you found out you were eligible to go to the Junior Olympics?

“I was ecstatic! But a little nervous.”

Now that you’re in college, is it easy to stay involved with sailing?

“Yes, actually USC has a sailing team that I recently became involved with. I also coach eight-year-olds during the summer months”

Do you have any future sailing plans?

“I plan to participate in NSE (National Student Exchange) and spend a semester in California hopefully sailing for a team out there”