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Book That Flight: Tips for Traveling on a Student Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

The world is massive with so many interesting people and sights in every corner of the globe. So much to see and explore, but we all know this doesn’t come at a cheap price. It can be expensive to plan a big trip, even more difficult as a student. However, that shouldn’t stop you from living your best life and seeing all the beautiful things that the world has to offer. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your travels without breaking the bank! 

Big Group Travel

  • Try to travel with at least two other people to help split costs and just for safety purposes as well. The more the merrier — this will help you afford more experiences and/or better accommodations. 
  • You can look into services like Contiki or EF Ultimate Break. Both are group travel agencies for ages 18-35. It’s a great way to meet new people and you barely have to do any planning. 


  • If you plan on going abroad, travel to where the US dollar is stronger.  This includes countries like Japan, Colombia, Greece and many more. It’s important to choose a country where the US currency can go far in order to get the most for your buck. 


  • Instead of hotels, look into hostels. These businesses provide inexpensive, short-term lodging for tourists. They can vary in pricing and comfortability, however most are dormitories that can hold 16-20 people in a single room. These aren’t for everyone, but they are a great alternative for costly hotels. 

Travel Off Peak Season

  • In order to avoid large crowds and over pricing, try to travel during the off seasons. Most places will have cheaper prices then. This does come with the sacrifice of more places being closed or deserted, but at least things are at a lower cost. 

Take Advantage of Free Activities

  • Of course it is fun to visit all the touristy spots and you shouldn’t have to forfeit that, however these spots can come at a higher price. To offset these costs, look into free activities. Museums, parks, or gardens are often free or have a fairly cheap admission price. There is also no harm in window shopping if you can control your impulse to buy cute souvenirs or clothing items!
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