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Sweatpants Against A Wall
Sweatpants Against A Wall
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The Best Loungewear for Zoom University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Looking for a way to stay comfy and cute for your online classes? Check out our favorites to switch up from the usual t-shirt and sweats combo!

Just like everyone else, you’ve probably had a hard time making an effort to wear cute outfits for classes that aren’t even in person. Now, you can get comfy loungewear that offers a cute look and that’s nearly effortless!

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to get dressed up for class just to sit in front of your computer all day. With these lounge sets, you can look cute and stay comfy next time you have to log on for class


1. “Tie Dye Crew Neck Lounge Set” – ($15 at Shein)

This set is perfect for the hotter summer days in Cola! Not only is it a good price, but they also offer so many different colored tie dyes. If the matching set isn’t your thing, try wearing the t-shirt and shorts separately too.


2. “Out From Under Nova Fleece Cropped Sweatshirt” ($59 at Urban Outfitters) and “Out From Under Nova Fleece Jogger Pants” ($69 at Urban Outfitters)

Although this set is a little pricier, it’s perfect for chilly fall days or days when the AC is all the way up! Instead of getting cozy with a blanket in class, you can wear this fuzzy sweatshirt and/or joggers. 


3. “Aerie Sherpa Top” ($45 at Aerie) and “Aerie Sherpa Boxer” ($30 at Aerie)

Aerie has the fluffiest matching set that’s perfect for those days when you just don’t wanna change out of your PJ’s. You can even get matching fuzzy socks to complete the look!


4. “Women’s Tie-Dye Lounge Sweatshirt – Colsie” ($20 at Target) and “Women’s Tie-Dye Lounge Jogger Pants” ($20 at Target)

Tie-dye is in right now! This crew neck and jogger set is the best for windy days in Cola when you’re staying in or on the go.


5. “Space Dye Knitted Drawstring Two Piece Shorts Set” – ($25 at Zaful)

Looking for a comfy cropped long sleeve top and shorts set that you can wear at home and out? This set is affordable, cozy and stylish!


Next time you want to wear a comfy lounge set that can be worn as PJ’s or for your errands during the day, look no further! You can even try out Honey to find some extra deals for your online shopping to make your next purchase hard to pass up.


Sara Graybill

South Carolina '23

Sara is a psychology major at the University of South Carolina. Her favorite things include the beach, hanging out with friends, and visiting her pets back home!
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U of SC '22. Public Health major.