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Best Late Night Eats According to Your Zodiac

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Whether you’re up all night studying or dancing the night away in Five Points, you’re sure to work up an appetite when it’s been hours since dinner. When late night cravings hit, it can be difficult to decide where to grab a bite. Have no fear! We have compiled a list of the best places to go based on your Zodiac sign.

Aries: Food Trucks

You love adventure, and, being a fire sign, exotic food. Your perfect late night snack involves a trip to the food trucks that are parked in Five Points. You never know which ones will be out and about or what kind of food they will have that night.

Taurus: Dominos

You are the most stable of the signs and what’s more stable than Dominos? It’s a classic! Besides stability, Domino’s also agrees with your practical side. Not only can you order delivery online, but also you will obviously order enough for leftovers the next day! After all, it’s only practical.

Gemini: Nightcaps

Gemini’s are social people. This leads you to take an adventure down Devine Street to Nightcaps. It’s a little outside of the Five Points area, but still walking distance. Gemini’s will love this spot because of their eagerness to try new things and because they love to sit at a table and chat with friends.

Cancer: Nicky’s

Cancer’s love to be comforted and you can find food that will warm your heart (and belly) at Nicky’s. Pizza is always a classic, but Nicky’s will make you feel right at home.

Leo: Sonic

You are creative and open-minded, Leo. That’s why you love late night trips to Sonic! The menu gives you ample opportunity to come up with your favorite treat (hello, Sonic Blasts) and try new things!

Virgo: Pita Pit

As an Earth sign, you prefer to take the healthy route. While your options are limited when it comes to late night healthy choices, Pita Pit is probably your best bet. With plenty of veggies to top off your pita, you will absolutely love this place.

Libra: Jimmy Johns

You are usually a pretty easy-going person, so you don’t mind tagging along with your friends to whatever place they choose. Plus you can be a little indecisive, so you prefer to not make the choice anyways. When it comes down to it though, you are Jimmy Johns all the way. Easy decisions and quick delivery, what more could you want?

Scorpio: Bar None

Passionate, exciting, assertive, Scorpio, you should take a trip down to Bar None. They have a great menu with your usual bar food, but you will love their bold flavors! Definitely try some cheesy fries for a great end to the night.

Sagittarius: Eddie’s Calzones

You are unafraid of change, which is why your late night spot is Eddie’s Calzones. Their calzone of the day gives you a different choice each time you come into Eddie’s and will fulfill your need for diversity.

Capricorn: Salty

Capricorn’s are ambitious, yet practical. You know when you need to get down to business and are very responsible, which is why you won’t be staying out very late. Your night generally ends at Salty and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Even though their kitchen is only open until 10, everything on their menu is a must.

Aquarius: Cookout

Your friends tell you you’re unpredictable, but you know you’re the life of party. Your ever-changing mind leaves room for only one late night choice: Cookout. You get something different every time, so it’s a good thing they have plenty of choices!

Pisces: Grilled Teriyaki

As a Pisces, you tend to be quite the optimist and your optimism leads you to Grilled Teriyaki. Most people either love or hate this place, but despite the opinions of others, you keep going back.

Alex is a Public Relations major at the University of South Carolina. She is an avid napper, a lover of guacamole and an Office enthusiast.
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