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The Best Affordable Natural Skincare

If you're anything like me and love beauty guru queen Tati Westbrook, you've probably been made more aware of the ingredients in your beauty products. As a result, I've been wanting more natural ingredients. It makes sense--who would want harsh chemicals on their skin? When it comes to my skin, I want products that come from nature. Certain brands already include this in skincare, but it is usually quite pricey. I am in college, I cannot afford to drop a lot of money on my skin care; how can I possibly get what I need?

My prayers were answered by Innisfree, a Korean Beauty brand. All of their skincare products feature ingredients sourced from nature. Each product targets a specific skin worry--acne, dryness, redness, etc.--using completely natural remedies.

I tried the "My Real Squeeze" mask. My skin issues are as follows: dryness, redness, dullness, and a bit of acne. I usually only use masks for relaxation; I do not expect much in the way of visible results. However, with this mask, I saw results immediately. Gone was my dull winter skin, my face looked glowy and vibrant. I even have before and after pictures to prove!

In short, Innisfree is a dream brand with dreamy products for even dreamier skin. It is so important to love your skin and give it the natural treatments it deserves. With the affordability of Innisfree, that is more possible than ever. Plus, if you are on University of South Carolina's campus, HerCampus will be giving out free samples of Innisfree skincare at Davis Field on Wednesday, March 6, from 12-2 p.m..




Katherine Kimbrough

South Carolina '21

Katherine is a sophomore music student at the University of South Carolina. She has sung in choirs all over the country, and continues to sing all over South Carolina. Her interests include coffee, chocolate, books, and music. You can follow her on twitter @kat_kimbrough and on instagram @katherinekimbrough. 
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