Basic Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid This Year

We are all well aware that around this time of year Halloween costumes are the only thing on our minds. We are also well aware that around this time of year there are a handful of Halloween costumes that everyone seems to be rocking... or should we say, not rocking. Due to the fact that Halloween is a week-long event in college, it isn’t that easy to find one, let alone five, original costumes. However, these are the top five Halloween costumes that are so basic and beyond, you should avoid them at all costs this Halloweek.

1. "Sexy" Harambe

Please don’t make a deceased gorilla a “sexy” Halloween costume. Also, you will probably be matching 25 or more of your sorority sisters. This joke stopped being funny four months ago.

2. Cat

Sorry, but last time we checked it was no longer 2010. Throw away those cat ears and think of something more original!

3. Sexy SLED

Been there, done that. This is a USC’s student’s version of a sexy cop. Newsflash: they are the same!

4. Fraternity Brother/Sorority Sister

Just no.

5. Harley Quinn

Although a fairly new character from the 2016 movie Suicide Squad, you can bet money on her being a huge hit for a 2016 Halloween costume. If you are looking to be different from everyone else around you, avoid this classic comic book character.