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Bachelor Predictions for the Final Episodes

This season of The Bachelor has been full of surprises, and I have a feeling Bachelor Nation is in for way more surprises this season.

Last week’s episode left off with Andi showing up at Nick’s hotel room with a dramatic cliff hanger. What??? I coudn’t be more excited to see how all of this goes down on Monday. More power to Andi, but shouldn’t she just be over it by now? Either way, the drama is sure to be fire and we can’t wait. 

Not only does Andi show up, but Corinne is STILL on the show. Honestly at this point, I might be switching to #teamcorn. Not going to lie, she had a great hometown date and seemed like one of the realest of the bunch. Her and Nick’s chemistry is undeniable, and she may be a spoiled brat at times, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she came out with an engagement ring and Nick by her side.

Obviously we can assume there will be a lot of tears. But, I’m picking Vanessa to be the real drama queen for the end of the season. She’s been getting on my nerves lately, which is a shame because she’s so all around sweet, but I might be ready to see her pack her things and go. Sorry. 

The next couple episodes leading up to the finale will for sure hold lots of drama, surprises, and laughs. Get your wine and appetizers ready because it’s (finally) almost Bachelor Monday!

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South Carolina

Page is a Public Relations major at the University of South Carolina. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, playing with her dog, and eating mozzarella sticks.
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