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9 Affordable Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Every Christmas, women of all ages ask themselves the same question, “who ever thought shopping for a man was easy?” Finding the perfect gift can honestly be a huge hassle. What does he want? What does he need? What does he like? These are all commonly asked questions as the holidays steadily approach. Nevertheless, the perfect gift is out there, and hopefully this article will make the search much easier. Good luck!

1. Patagonia Fleece

Not only is this fleece perfect for that harsh winter weather headed our way, but it will also be a perfect holiday gift for that special someone. With each wear, it will have him thinking of the person who gave it to him. Not to mention the free two-day shipping! Priced at $99, it might be a little steep, but you’ll know that it will be worth the extra penny. 

2. MVMT Watch

Looking to splurge on him this Christmas? MVMT is the way to go. Their watches encompass class and sophistication, and they look great on any guy! 

3. Custom Photo Book

He will never see this coming. For the perfect combination of creative and personal, create a photo book that captures the memories the two of you have shared!

4. Fit Bit

What better way to ring in the New Year than with his very own fitness tracker? With several different options, it’s easy to pick one that best fits your price range. 

5. NBA Tickets

This is a great gift if he is interested in sports! It can also be a great night out for the both of you! These tickets can be very affordable depending on when they are purchased and what seats are chosen. With Charlotte and Atlanta close by, this can be a great night out!

6. Echo Dot Speaker

This is one of the most talked about tech items this year, AND it just so happens to be on sale! If he’s into the latest technology, this is a perfect gift!

7. S’well Water Bottle

Whether he is walking to campus or taking a trip, this water bottle will get him through anything, while maintaining that cold taste. While this is a more practical gift, it is a gift he will for sure use! For only $35, it is a great addition to anyone’s holiday!

8. Planner

Isn’t a planner on top of everyone’s wish list? What better way to ring in the New Year than with a fresh, new planner ready to be filled? Happy planning! 

9. Passport Case

Everyone needs a passport case. This is another practical gift he is sure to use! Center his Christmas around travel or simply add this gift on to a previous one, either way it won’t break the bank! 

As this crazy holiday shopping season approaches us, we hope these eight gift suggestions sparked an idea or two! Happy holidays!