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70 Thoughts I Had During The Bachelor Fantasy Suites

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Bachelor Monday is finally here! This is an extremely important episode – it’s time for the fantasy suites, where the girls can choose whether or not they want to spend the night with Ben and get some “alone time.” Wink, wink.

1. Jamaica. I wish I were in Jamaica.

2. Seriously, do they need to recap it this much?

3. First date. Caila and Ben.

4. Awkward silence. Why aren’t they talking?

5. Even more awkward silence.

6. Awkward kissing to avoid the awkward silence.

7. Caila’s entire vocab during this entire date: Um. Yeah. I know.

8. If he tells Caila he loves her back I will die.

9. He’s sweating so much.

10. She talks like she’s reading a children’s book.

11. What is his hand doing to her shoulder?

12. Why does he blink so slowly?

13. Caila, do not tell him you love him. He doesn’t love you back.

14. Ugh, she told him.

15. The tongue in this kiss is way too aggressive.

16. Sorry Caila, he doesn’t love you.

17. “I can feel it when we take a deep breath together.” I’m sorry Caila, what?

18. Did she just call him a sly fox?

19. Why does Caila have the cutest swimsuits?

20. Why does Ben have the worst swimsuits?

21. His hand was on her ass.

22. Thank god. Bye, Caila. Hello, Lauren B.

23. Ben and Lauren B’s connection is already 100 times better than Caila’s.

24. Okay Lauren, your shorts are a little tight.

25. Wait baby turtles? Stop.

26. Stupid pick up line about turtles “I hope my relationship with Ben lasts as long as the turtles live.”

27. They’re lying on a tapestry. How trendy, ABC.

28. Lauren B just killed the dress game.

29. Her voice is annoying me.

30. “I’m invested in you” okay Lauren, weird.

31. Why does Ben fish for compliments so much? Chill homie.

32. But does he take each girl to the same fantasy suite?

33. No. Good. Okay.

34. Lauren B. tells Ben she loves him.


36. He’s not allowed to do that!!!!

37. I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad!!!!

38. Her dress is on the ground…they definitely did it.

39. Slowly becoming team Lauren B. and Ben. Sorry JoJo, but you’d make an awesome next Bachelorette!

40. “Last night helped me know more that I do love you” okay so the sex was good then?

41. “Ben is my person” going all Grey’s Anatomy on us now.

42. Okay, now on to JoJo.

43. Ugh, I hate guys in flip-flops.

44. Ben really has a thing for helicopters.

45. Where do I find the Bachelor body workout?

46. Ben’s butt crack is dangerously close to making a strong appearance.

47. JoJo is not killing the swimsuit game…metallic, really?

48. Wait, he tells her he loves her too? No way. Ben, stop it!!!

49. I want her to win, but I also want her to be the next Bachelorette so I’m just really conflicted right now.

50. He’s sweaty because he knows he just got himself into deep shit.

51. Ugh, Caila’s back.

52. What the hell is she wearing?

53. Wow she’s about to get her heart broken.

54. Why isn’t she smiling? She looks weird. I’ve never seen her like this.

55. Damn Ben, not letting her down easy.

56. Wait, does Caila have a bitchy side?

57. Oh, nope… it’s gone. She tried.

58. She’s gone. Ben, you can stop faking your sadness.

59. Wait, why is she getting back out of the car?

60. Caila, stop…honey, just go.

61. Passionate hug. Okay, time to go.

62. Caila, stop crying. Pull yourself together sweetie.

63. Chris Harrison just awkwardly observing that Ben has now told two girls he loves them. *Sips coffee*

64. Rose ceremony. The awkward tension is so real.

65. Both girls are just thinking “ha, he loves me back.”

66. Little do they know.

67. JoJo with the first rose.

68. Ok, they can cut the dramatic music, we know who’s getting roses.

69. The finale is about to be so intense.

70. Damn, I love Mondays. 

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