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“I look like THIS and I have to leave for class in 15minutes?”

Do you ever wake up and just panic when you see yourself in the mirror? Maybe you hit Five Points too hard last night, or stayed up too late studying, or maybe beauty sleep is just a myth. So what do we do when those stressful mornings strike? Let’s be real. We want to be comfortable in class without sacrificing our entire look. When you’re trying to look good, but stay comfy for the day, skip the makeup overload. It’s much more efficient to throw on a comfy outfit (leggings, soft shorts, t-shirts, flannels, anything), and then spice it up with a few of your favorite accessories. So here are 6 easy hacks we use to make comfy look cute:

1. Use simple hairstyles to mask morning bed head…

Throwing your hair in a messy bun or a braid is perfect for looking good without giving up precious minutes of sleep. 

2. …or throw on a baseball hat

No one will ever have to know what’s hiding underneath. 

3. Put on some arm candy

Taking a few seconds to throw on a watch or some bracelets gives the illusion that you put at least a little effort into getting ready. 

4. Necklaces are a super simple, yet super cute accessory

A trendy necklace or choker can make any plain t-shirt pop.

5. Throw on some kicks

Fun colors and pattered sneakers can change your ENTIRE look. They make a statement without risking discomfort while walking around campus.

6. Put on some sunnies

Not only are sunglasses good for your eyes, they also can make you look chic AF. 

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