5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe More Professional

The way you present yourself is one of the most important aspects of any job interview or work environment. A youthful mini-skirt and booties may be cute for a tailgate, but it may distract an interviewer from your impressive resume. Instead, try a few of these tips for creating a professional wardrobe both with clothes you already have or clothes you can find at your nearest consignment shop!


  1. 1. The Classic Blazer

    One very popular trend is the classic power suit, with a cute and colorful blazer to add just a small pop of color! Blazers are perfect for the office, but also cute for a girls’ night out.


  2. 2. Tailored Trousers

    A tailored trouser is the perfect match for any blazer! Perfect in a neutral or black color, tailored trousers transform the traditional suit into a true power suit, perfect for conquering the day.

  3. 3. A Comfy Pair of Heels

    A cute pair of heels can be the missing link to any professional outfit! Whether a classic navy blue or a funky fuchsia, a comfortable pair of heels can be a lifesaver during long days.

  4. 4. Patterned Blouse

    Just like a blazer, a patterned blouse can add a nice pop of color to any professional outfit. Blouses are the perfect blend of stylish and conservative, and are fun to match with a pair of trousers and minimalist jewelry.

  5. 5. Knee-Length or Midi Skirt

    A tailored knee-length skirt or a flowy midi skirt is key to a professional wardrobe. The length of the skirt is conservative enough for any office, but the style and patterns of the skirts can show off your bright side!