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3 Morning Routine Ideas to Start Your Day Off Right

I’m not typically one to follow a strict morning routine, especially while at school. Although, I will admit, sticking to a morning routine during the semester makes me feel much more productive. If you think a morning routine will help too, here are three things that I’ve been doing this fall that have helped my productivity, as well as lower my stress levels.

Waking up an hour earlier

I had struggled with this (for obvious reasons) my entire freshman year of college. This semester, I’ve been making a consistent effort to get up an hour earlier than I really need to. Doing so has given me time to truly wake my body up and prepare for my day ahead. I would never claim to be a morning person, but a consistent morning habit like this has caused less stress for me.

Journaling or reading

When I say reading – I do NOT mean on your phone! Grab a real book or newspaper and read, even just a page or two, in the morning. Not going right on my phone when I wake up has made my brain feel clearer and lessened the need I feel to be staring at my phone screen all day. I found a journal on Amazon that I try to write in everyday – and I highly recommend adding some sort of journaling to your morning routine too. 


I’ve been waiting for this one – my new favorite skincare items this fall! I’ve been starting off my mornings by washing my face with the AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder. With fall comes cooler weather which means dry skin, and this exfoliating cleanser is so hydrating, all while evening out texture. It’s the perfect base for the rest of my skincare routine. After that, I have been using a combination of the Kate Somerville Vitamin B3+C and The Ordinary Buffet Anti-Aging Serums. While protecting my skin from signs of aging (you can never start too early), these serums brighten and promote smoother skin. Finally, I finish off with the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich Face Cream on my face and neck – my absolute favorite. Glossier perfected this recipe with murumuru and shea butters, as well as an anti-redness complex (perfect for chilly weather.)  

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Sarah Heyman

South Carolina '24

Sarah is currently a sophmore at the University of South Carolina.
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