23 Thoughts Sorority Girls Have While Painting Their First Cooler


The following are actual quotes from my deranged friends and I as we frantically painted our coolers in preparation for the upcoming mountain weekend:

1. "OMG I’m about to make the Best. Cooler. Ever."

2. "Ooh, 'Rosemary Peach!' I’m just gonna buy this because it’s a pretty color."

3. "Where the hell am I gonna put Rosemary Peach on this cooler."

4. "Wait, did I get gold paint? I didn’t… Their colors are gold and black. Way to go, Sara."

5. "I didn’t think this through at all."

6. "What does Jack want on this cooler anyway?"

7. "Or is it John?"

8. "I need to call my big and distract myself from this train wreck."

9. "Do I REALLY need primer though?"

10. "How long have I been painting this same line for?"

11. "Shoot, I just messed it up. Why God why."

12. "Wait, you’re supposed to sand it!? Why did no one tell me this?!"

13. "Jessica from Pinterest, how on earth did you paint that so well? Are you related to Martha Stewart?"

14. "Oh yay, my white lines are getting smaller and smaller. Not good."

15. "Yeah John, Jack, whatever your name is, I’m totally gonna paint a naked girl with your letters on her boobs on your cooler...not! You’re a creep."

16. "I feel like no matter how small the paintbrush is, it’s always gonna make a mess."

17. "Wait a second, why am I going to this?"

18. "I don’t want to go."

19. "Don’t make me, please."

20. "I don’t want to have to free-hand this whole logo. Definitely gonna trace it."

21. "Hold up what is a 'modge podge?'"

22. "God bless America."

23. "Finally done. Time to go party on a mountain."