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10 Unusual Gifts We All Need

Every year people overthink and go out of their way to find the perfect gift. Even though “it’s the thought that counts,” 9 times out of 10 we end up with another ugly pink sweater. We thank you so much for the kindness and love that went into that sweater that meows jingle bells, but I think this year we should move forward. Here’s a cheat sheet for the fun and useful things we all really need, but probably wouldn’t buy ourselves!

1) Beer Chiller $16.99 – Bed Bath and Beyond

…because no one enjoys a warm beer.

2) Gun and Target Alarm Clock $29.99 – Toys R Us

…because let’s face it, those 17 alarms we have set just don’t cut it.

3) Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags $9.99 – Uncommon Goods

…because anything that will make life easier is welcomed. Seriously, where have these been all of our lives?!

4) Gigantic Wine Glass $15.95 – Home Wet Bar

…because sometimes it’s just one of those days.

5) Aromatherapy Spray $18.50 – Etsy

…because we just don’t need that negativity in our lives.

Personal Pizza Maker $37.29 – Amazon

…beause pizza is life and life is pizza.

7) Bathtub Planetarium $41.39 – Amazon

…because sometimes we just need to drift away with the stars.

8) Oreo Dunking Spoon $6.23 – Amazon

…because we don’t need the stress of losing our cookie to the dark depths of the unknown.

9) One-trip Grocery Bag Holder $6.99 – Amazon

…because we’re tired of choosing between putting our hands through the pain of carrying all the bags and risk crushing the eggs or making 38 trips back and forth from the car to the kitchen.

10) Smartphone Laser Tag $29.99 – Amazon

…because we all have a child within us. Game on.

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South Carolina

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