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10 Things Every Northerner at USC Knows to Be True

  1. You live in amazement that there are palmetto trees around campus. Seriously, I just can’t believe this is so normal to everyone else!!!!???!
  2. Food was crafted by Jesus and sent directly to the South. Groucho’s, Cookout, Pawley’s… I could go on and on. But there’s seriously nothing better than greasy, heart-attack-inducing Southern food.
  3. What is snow again? While your friends back home are bragging about having six snow days in a row, you will have mixed feelings about trekking to class in 60 degree weather.  But when it does snow and the city goes into a panic, you will have no problem letting everyone know that you’ve dealt with wayyyy worse back home.
  4. The SEC > any other conference. You will try to explain the dire and life-altering importance of SEC football to everyone back home, but no one even comes close to understanding (I’m talking to you, Big 10 Schools).
  5. You swore you would never use to word “y’all,” but here you are… What did you even say before? “You guys” ??? Nope.
  6. You tried to order a sweet tea back home and it was an abomination. There is nothing that even comes close to Southern sweet tea.  If you’re lucky enough to find a place that sells sweet tea up North, don’t get your hopes up because it’s likely an impostor.
  7. Southern accents still fascinate you. When you find a true southerner, you find every excuse to talk to them, just so you can listen to their voice (not really as creepy as it sounds).
  8. Manners exist!!!!! Someone will call you “ma’am” and it will freak you out (in the best way).
  9. Greek life is like nothing you ever imagined.  Huge southern mansions, formal recruitment, an entire section of campus dedicated to Greek life… campus is pretty much just a sea of oversized function t-shirts, spirit jerseys, and Patagonias.
  10. Everything really is sweeter in the South.  You came here for a reason and never regretted it for one second. Go cocks, y’all.
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Ashley Abbate

South Carolina

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