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10 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for All Your Girlfriends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Who else is absolutely in shock at how fast this semester flew by?!?!? We certainly are. With the end of the semester right around the corner, the holiday season (and winter break) will be here before we know it. We adore shopping for my loved ones during this time of the year, but not everyone is like us. Buying presents for others can be difficult. These tiny gifts are the perfect stocking stuffers for all your best gal pals in your life!

1. iPhone Wallet Kickstand Case, (Amazon $14)

This iPhone wallet case not only holds all of your cards in the back of your phone, but it also doubles as a kickstand that keeps your phone upright when needed (for when you get lazy and don’t want to hold your phone anymore). This case protects an iPhone 7 or 8 from cracks and scratches.

2. Electric Wine Opener, (Target $14.99)

If you’re like us, if we’re not struggling to open a bottle of wine with the openers that we have, we can’t find an opener. This electric opener is the perfect solution to both of these problems.

3. Himalayan Salt Night Light (Amazon $12.99)

These cute night lights do more than just add decor to your bedroom. This night light also helps to purify the air, boost your mood, and promote sleep!


4. Beanie Bottle Stoppers (Amazon $16.95)

We are obsessed with cute bottle stoppers, especially these silicon beanie bottle stoppers. Not only are they super in for the holiday season but they are also dishwasher safe!

5. Powered Portable Charger for Phone (Target $9.99)

A portable charger is a must because with busy schedules and back to back classes it’s hard to keep a charged phone for an entire day at a time. With this portable charger, you will be able to charge your phone without having to search for an outlet.

6. Nalgene Water Bottle (Target $10.49)

Perfect for that one friend who never drinks enough water (or if you’re that friend). These bottles are perfect to have by your side every day so that you can make sure that you are drinking water throughout the day. Plus, you can avoid drinking out of plastic bottles by refilling this bottle daily.

7. Champagne Gummies (Amazon $6.81)

Not gonna lie these are actually super delicious especially for that one friend that has the sweet tooth. These champagne and rose gummies are the gourmet gummies you can buy!

8. Chapstick.

That’s it, just chapstick. Any type of chapstick.

9. Cabin Socks (Amazon $9.99)

Cold feet? No thank you. Cabin socks are perfect for the cold weather, and also uhm, just about whenever. They also come in a bunch of different colors and patterns making them fashionable to boot!

10. SyncWire Unbreakable Lightning Phone Charging Cable (Amazon $10.99)

This phone charger comes in 3.3 feet or 8 inches. This cord can hold up to 275 pounds making it very durable and able to avoid twist and bends that occur to the wire. This might be the one phone cord that won’t break on you!

All of these presents are certifiable great stocking stuffers for all of your favorite lady friends during this holiday season!

Isabella Sodano

South Carolina '20

Isabella is a Junior at the University of South Carolina. Being from New Jersey originally, she can be described as a little bit of yankee, and a little bit of y'all. Although her major is Criminal Justice, she has a passion for writing and wanted a way to express her ideas outside of her major. Hobbies include collecting candles, watching Law & Order SVU, and making the world a better place :)
Bri Hamlin

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