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10 Cheap and Fun Ideas For A Girls Night In

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Nothing is better for the soul than a girls night. Whether the magical evening is spent at a local club, or at home for a wine and pajamas kind of night, it will always be one to remember. We’re all on a budget, and coordinating with different schedules can be complicated. But hey! No excuses. Get cozy and get excited for a fun-filled girls night in!

1. Movies/TV Series

Watch a popular movie from this year or check out a new TV series that everyone’s been raving about! Riverdale, The Bold Type, Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones are some of this season’s most popular shows.

2. Magazine Swap

Have each guest bring a magazine. (It doesn’t matter if the issue is old or new.) Host a magazine swap where each person gets to browse through a different magazine. There are quizzes and endless topics to talk about. So what are you waiting for? Pass the Cosmo!

3. DIY Art Activity

Put your Pinterest ideas to use! Have an at home version of “Painting with a Twist”. Each guest needs a canvas and a paint brush. Color palettes can be shared if needed. Get creative and let your artistic side flow!

4. Board/Card Game

What better way is there to find out which of your friends is the most competitive? Each guest can bring a game and vote on which to play first (e.g. Speak Out, Cards Against Humanity, and so much more).

5. Manicure and/or Pedicure

Skip the nail appointment and save the money. Have each person bring a nail polish and then there will be a collection of many colors for guests to choose from. Remember nail polish remover and cotton balls!

6. Facials

Feel refreshed with a DIY facial mix or face mask for less than $5. No bags under the eyes over here!

7. Baking Party

Let’s be honest. It’s not an official party if there aren’t sweet treats to snack on. Bake brownies, cookies or cupcakes together. Each guest can be responsible for bringing an assigned dish or ingredient.

8. Wine Tasting

Sharing is caring! A few of the guests can bring a bottle of wine. (Barefoot is under $6!) Have some cheese and crackers to go with it for the perfect wine tasting. 

9. Karaoke

Each friend group typically has a designated music expert. Have a friend create a music playlist of the hottest songs or even some classic jams. Get out the imaginary microphone and sing your heart out.

10. Photo Shoot

Did #girlsnight even happen if there are no trendy pictures on Instagram to prove it? If the goal is to go all out, brainstorm a party theme. Make this happen with matching pajamas or decorations.

Happy gal time!