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Spring Fling is right around the corner!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

Waka Flocka is coming to SSU at the Spring Fling coming up on May 13th! Tickets are being sold in incrimints and will go on sale on Monday; they are free! 

Hi my name is Sara and I'm a Junior at Sonoma State. I am a Communication Studies major and passionate about Public Relations. I would love to work in Community Relations since giving back has always been something I love to do. I enjoy taking detailed photographs and also bringing my camera to events where I can take pictures of people enjoying time together. I also love painting whenever I have time and have painted on large canvases for a few people in high school. I was born and raised in a small beach town in San Diego, CA and am obsessed with the ocean and palm trees. Growing up I spent my summers at the beach playing around in the water and on the sand. I have grown such an immense appreciation for my home after going to college at Sonoma State.