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Skin Care Tools to Add to Your Daily Routine

The key to clear and acne free skin is consistency in your routine. The simple night routine of removing your makeup, products that are for your skin type and washing your face daily are ways to see improvement in the skin. Adding to a night routine with skin care tools will help improve the skin in ways that are unimaginable and overall increase self-confidence. These four tools below should be added to your routine to achieve relaxed and glowing skin.



A tool that has created buzz in the media is the jade roller. The jade roller is a handheld massaging tool that provides the luxury facial massage experience all at the comfort of your own home. There are many benefits this tool can add to your skin with daily use. It will boost blood circulation on the skin that will leave it bright and glowing and release toxins from the skin. To de-puff the skin, placing the roller in the fridge a few hours before use with give a nice cooling effect to the area and will bring down the inflammation from the surface of the skin. Using the jade roller over a sheet mask is ideal because it will help the product into the skin, leaving the skin more hydrated. The dual sided tool is great and having a smaller size roller makes for getting underneath and around the eyes a gentler massage. The roller as a stress reliever is recommended for days before an exam or an essay.



Incorporating the technique of dry brushing is another necessary step in a night routine. Dry brushing can keep the skin clear from dead skin cells, to be used to exfoliate or a way to keep the pores unclogged. Consistent use will give a closer shave and prevent razor bumps or ingrown hair, leaving the skin soft and smoother for longer. This technique must be done before a shower or bath because the bristles will get soft and not be as effective, hence the name dry brushing. Another benefit that this will bring is reducing cellulite to the skin. This is very difficult to get rid of but will regular use, the body will look toner and firmer because it boosts blood circulation that plumps the skin.



An underrated tool that will change how a face mask is put on is a silicone mask applicator. It looks just like a foundation brush but a silicone top. It is can be used for cream, gel, exfoliating or clay masks. This tool will keep it mess free and quick clean-up of the applicator. This tool will be more hygienic than the use of your fingers or a regular foundation brush as it will not spread germs or oils on the face. Using this applicator will save product and gives an even distribution of the product all over the face.

The last tool to add is the Clarisonic Facial Cleanser Brush. It is an electric facial brush, with different heads for desired skin type, that will deep cleanse the face by taking off dirt, left over make up from a regular routine and clogged pores. This tool will cleanse deeper than fingertips, making this an irreplaceable tool. The products in a skin care routine will go deeper and absorb better in the skin all in a gentle brush head, even for the most sensitive skin type. The Clarisonic is waterproof and can be used in the shower for a one minute cleanse. The back and forth head technology instead of spinning action will give better results because while it is moving, circular motions and light pressure can get rid acne, especially those pesky blackheads.

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