The Single Life



Looking at the title, you probably already know what this will be about. You also are thinking too, “she must be single.” Well, you are correct. I am single as a pringle and will live my life to the fullest.  Of course, there are times when I miss having a significant other to be with, but I am living the best life knowing what many opportunities I can achieve in the future.

1. You have freedom! You can do whatever the hell you want.  You have the chance to do anything you want without the consent of your partner knowing. You can travel to Las Vegas, Europe, Los Angeles, and many other sites you always wanted to go to, but couldn’t.

2. You have time for yourself. Every person needs a moment to be alone (trust me).  You now have the opportunity to relax, grab a bowl of your favorite snack, and finish that Netflix show you have been trying to catch up on.

3. You can flirt with anyone you want to! Yes, being single means no partner, but that doesn’t mean you can flirt with other people to build confidence for yourself?

4. You can stay up and sleep in. You don’t have to worry making it home on time or letting your partner know when you will be home as well as waking up early cause your partner has to work early or has to go to school.  Spread your legs and arms because you have the whole damn bed for yourself again.

5. More money in your account. You don’t have to worry about your rent coming up because you don’t need to pay for your partner’s food, birthday, anniversary, anything because you can spend your own money for yourself now.

Live your life till your heart’s desire. You have the choice to figure out who you are without worrying about your significant other until you are ready for a relationship. You can be single for a couple months or for years if you want because you have the right. Go find your happiness.